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Real European Gas Stations (Reloaded) v2.0-Update

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Real European Gas Stations (Reloaded) v2.0-Update
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Category - ETS 2 other mods
Version - 1.28.x
Credits: - ExiaRS, Stripy

Description about Real European Gas Stations (Reloaded) v2.0-Update:

Real European Gas Stations (Reloaded) v2.0-Update for Ets2 1.28.x game version

This mod replaces all original gas stations in ETS2.
Inside mod are top 10 of 11 petrol & gas retailers in Europe by brands:
Shell, Total, BP, Esso, Eni (formerly Agip), Orlen, Aral, AVIA, OMV, and Circle K (formerly Statoil Fuel & Retail). 

Mod is created from ground up and is not just simple recolour of main texture and slaping companies' logos.
There are many small details done (it will be more in the feature), not done in any other gas station mod before.
1) We are trying to be as close as possible to reality but it's impossible without
messing with 3D models and we won't do that for the various reasons. 
2) There are many colour and design variations by the same brand so we had to
choose the one most aplicable to the game because of 1).

There can be only 9 gas stations in the game (hard coded). 
Final list by brands:
Big stations: Shell, BP, Esso
Medium stations: Eni, Total, Orlen
Small stations: Aral, AVIA, OMV
Scandinavia DLC: Circle K*
France base + DLC: Total**

*In Scandinavia DLC is only possible to have proper logo of company and is impossible
to haveproperly colored gas stations like in base game. It's hard coded that way so when you
see wrong colours we modders have nothing with it.

**We are trying to solve Éco (SCS original) stations which are exclusively in France.Logos, green
stand and trailer are not a problem but the green texture on station model is because
it is actually company in the game; not gas station (remember 9 gas station hard coded limit).
We would like to change it to Total colors, but we'll see.
That's the last priority because it needs work in Blender...

It should work with map mods:
1) This mod has to have higher priority than any map mod.
2) If map mod doesn't change 3D models of gas stations then there is no problem.

There are multiply reports that mod works fine with ProMods map and RusMap.

There is no guarantee that mod properly works in OpenGL mode i.e. showing only white textures. Sorry :-/.

New Update:
-Esso's (big gas station) price stand has been updated and is finished.
It's not perfect (Esso Fuel System energy) but there is no better source so...
The rest of station will get big update this week.

-Shell big gas station got another update: 
1) fixed some errors and 
2) put the proper V-Power and FuelSave logos.

-BP's (big gas station) price stand has been updated.
It needs some minor fix to be fully finished.
The rest of station will get big update this week.

-Shell big gas station is updated and it‘s almost
completely finished i. e. release candidate status.

Authors: ExiaRS (creator of mod; textures) and Stripy (textures)

Credits: Azirus as original creator of REGS v1 and v2 but he doesn't update it any more hence this mod.
I used his Circle K logo and Total gas station which will be completely rewamped.
Some minor textures are also used but they will be updated, too.
Thank you for your work.

All trademarks, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

The Shell and V-Power brands are owned by Royal Dutch Shell plc.
The BP, Aral and Castrol brands are owned by BP PLC.
The Esso and Mobil 1 brands are owned by Exxon Mobil Corp.
The Eni brand is owned by Eni SpA.
The Total brand is owned by Total SA.
The Orlen brand is owned by PKN Orlen.
The AVIA brand is owned by Avia International.
The OMV brand is owned by OMV AG.
The Circle K brand is owned by Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.

Screenshots Mod
Real European Gas Stations (Reloaded) v2.0-Update Real European Gas Stations (Reloaded) v2.0-Update Real European Gas Stations (Reloaded) v2.0-Update

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