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Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.6 by Cip (1.30.x) for ATS

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Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.6 by Cip (1.30.x) for ATS
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Category - ATS Other Mods
Version Game - 1.5.x
Credits: - cipinho

Description about « Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.6 by Cip (1.30.x) for ATS: »

Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.6 by Cip (1.30.x) for American Truck Simulator game.

A great addition added to the game American Truck Simulator is Real Traffic Density and Ratio by Cip for 1.30.x game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category Other mods for American Truck Simulator or go to the main section ATS mods.

Real Traffic Density and Ratio mod was designed to create a realistic traffic density taking advantages from the latest traffic system implemented by SCS in game version 1.30.x

With this mod, ATS receives a personalized density and ratio set at default g_traffic 1. it takes into account all game features from 1.29: spawn and ratio by daytime, type of roads, city size, density and ratio being set according to the game time scale (do not expect insane traffic to wait 15 real minutes to pass a crossroad)

The semaphore profile contain two little modifications, allowing more green time at road works semaphores and globally 3 seconds on yellow instead of 2 (from green to red)

Since traffic is much more dense, more car colors were needed to avoid having the same few SCS colors. to modify easily the existent colors please check this topic on scs forum
All Jazzycat traffic mods are compatible with my traffic density mod. however if you use other traffic pack mods that bring to the game new types of vehicles be aware that it might not be compatible with my mod.

should work in any map and any additional DLCs

How to use:
- place my mod above any other traffic mods in the load order.
- Always use the default g_traffic 1 value in game console. Increasing g_traffic might ruin all settings in my mod because it increases the numbers with irregular ratio
- because in degame is having only 2 buses, due to high density, you may see many buses especially in cities, you may consider to use a bus mod, as an example jazzycat has a mod that brings 5 more buses (works in 1.30.x)

Changes in v1.6:
– added necessary files for doubles/triples/heavy trailer in traffic addon
– adjustments of traffic ratio: more trucks on motorways in evening and nightime
– corrected frequency and count numbers to more realistic values allowing correct ratio cars/trucks/buses
– added spawn_distance_forward parameters, allowing traffic to spawn at further distance
– Most of Ai vehicles will turn on lights on bad weather
– Trucks will always haul a trailer
– limited slow vehicles only 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening

changelog v1.4
- improved density and ratio in evenings
- reduced frequency of buses, police and emergency vehicles
- fixed licence plates on police and ambulance
- added more dark colors and removed other bright colors
- increased safety and patience factors; some Ai vehicles will turn on light on bad weather

Tested on game version 1.30.x

Screenshots Mod
Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.6 by Cip (1.30.x) for ATS Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.6 by Cip (1.30.x) for ATS

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