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AfroMap v1.5 for Ets2 [1.32.x]

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AfroMap v1.5 for Ets2 [1.32.x]
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Category - ETS 2 maps
Version - 1.32.x
Credits: - dimon_26

Description about AfroMap v1.5 for Ets2 [1.32.x]:

AfroMap v 1.5 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

New version 1.5:
- Added new routes
- Added new Gafsa cities
- Made minor improvements
Version 1.4
- Rebuilt part of the road near the city of Gabes, Bizerte
- Fixed the names of the cities
- Added new routes
- Added new city of El-kala Skikda Constantine Annaba
- Small improvements have been made 

Version 1.3:
- Fixed auto traffic numbers 
- Changed signs direction 
- Redeveloped port in the city of Tunisia 
- No more changes made 

Version 1.2:
-New roads and cities added-Rebuilt customs in the direction of Sook-Ahras
-No major changes have been made, such as removing or adding vegetation 

Version 1.1:
-Added new roads and cities. 
-Fixed previous version errors. 

Compatible with other maps. 
Not compatible with maps of TSM and MARIO . 

*Required all DLC (Going East!, Scandinavia, Vive la France and Italy) 

There is 1 file in the archive. 
Connect to other maps in the mod manager in any order. 

Tested on 1.32.x game version  
Screenshots Mod
AfroMap v1.5 for Ets2 [1.32.x] AfroMap v1.5 for Ets2 [1.32.x] AfroMap v1.5 for Ets2 [1.32.x]
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