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Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.2 (1.33.x)

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Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.2 (1.33.x)
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Category - ATS Maps
Version - 1.33.x
Credits: - Mantrid, ShirBlackspots

Description about Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.2 (1.33.x):

Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.2 (1.33.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.

New version
- adapted for Ats 1.31 game version

Please note that thanks to jbte (creator of Mexico Extremo) C2C has a 
Special Transport job that runs from Mobile AL to Pensacola FL. 
I am trying to learn how to add the routes, so hopefully there will be more in future. 
If you DON'T have ST DLC, let me know if there are any error messages etc.

Also, there is currently an issue with the ST jobs out of Portland OR, 
the escorts do not appear. You can still complete the jobs, but there is no traffic control. 

- Fixed issues with Special Transport DLC

Version 2.6.2:
- Bug fixes. Chopin & Natchitoches added to Lousiana.

Version 2.6.1:
- Bug fixes

Version 2.6b:
* Fixed bugs* Fixed invisible walls
* Fixed invisible walls under the new Orleans
* Fixed pillar on the roads

New Update (17.10.2018)
-Fixed errors
Changes in v2.6:
- Mantrid – Lousiana completely rebuilt
- ShirBlackspots – Texas improvements
- Ways71 – Various scenery improvements along I-95

Changes in v2.5.1 (03.06.2018):
- fixes all the bugs reported

Changes in v2.5 (20.05.2018):
- adapted for Ats 1.31 game version
- fixed all the issues reported (that I could find).
- made some minor changes to some roads in Florida
The non-DLC required version has not been updated with any new content,
it is only updated to work in ATS v1.31 (last updated 5 May 2018): Download

Changes in v2.4.1:
-fix the issues identified- change log, it's not really detailed but you can find it in the description_def.txt file.

Changes in v2.4:
- Fixed bugs
- Fixed Textures

New version 2.3.3:
-There is nothing new, it just fixes the reported bugs.

Features map:
- This mod replaces all previous versions and patches
To use this mod you need to extract the .scs file from the rar archive, then activate it in the Mod Manager.
There are no other mods required, but the NM DLC is required.
If you have the US signs mod that came with the previous version of C2C, you should delete or disable it. 

Download Links:
Link 1: Download (This version requires both OR & NM DLC. )

Link 2: Download 
(The following is the version of v2.6 for those without Orego DLC (NM DLC IS requires). )

Link 3: Download 
(And this one is for those who do not have New Mexico or Oregon DLC.This map has no new content. )

If you would like to help me out with a donation, please click this link:

Tested on game version 1.33.x. 
Screenshots Mod
Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.2 (1.33.x) Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.2 (1.33.x) Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.2 (1.33.x)
Gameplay / Videos:

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