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EAA MAP NORMAL 5.0.8 ALPHA [1.33.x]

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EAA MAP NORMAL 5.0.8 ALPHA [1.33.x]
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Category - ETS 2 maps
Version - 1.33.x
Credits: - EAA Team

Description about EAA MAP NORMAL 5.0.8 ALPHA [1.33.x]:

Map of Brazil EAA NORMAL 5.0.8 ALPHA for Ets2  Most Grand update!

The most grandiose update of the map for 10 years of its existence in the game!

This version works only on Ets2 1.33.x game version ...

New version 5.0.8:
- Added DVM Cup company
- New Cities
- South river
- Cubatão
- Connection between Londrina and Assisi
- Point of Support Soledade near Ortigueiras
- Latest editions and corrections in São Paulo for realism and improvement of FPS
- Corrections of errors pointed out by the community.

Version 5.0.7:
-All Bugs fixed 
-Download the file EAA Normal 5.0.7 to avoid closing the game.
-Remove the map file 5.0.6 and place the new one. 
Enable the new one in your EAA profile Normal and good game.

Version 5.0.6:
Reformulation of the cities of:
- Campos dos Goytacazes
- Porto Alegre
- Canoas

New cities:
- Guaruja
- Saint Vincent
- Big beach
- Itanhaém
- Blumenau

- Recasting of the entire BR-101 between Porto Alegre and Curitiba (mainly vegetation change, asphalt and viaducts)
- Reformulation of the roads of the Baixada Santista
- Addition of the BR-470 stretch between Blumenau and BR-101
- Finalization of the new BR-381 viaduct between BH and João Monlevade
- Correction of errors pointed out by the community

- New model of road donated by VAGNER FERREIRA ALMEIDA "CORINGA"
Added in the cities of
- Itaperuna
- Blumenau
- Maringá
- Ipatinga


-Main issues in the Baja Santista made by Rodrigo Gomes
- Prefab of the Road - Modeling Erisson Borges, Conversion and adaptation Vagner F.Almeida "Joker".

Full map in Google: HERE
Blue marked cities in EAA version 4.6 
Orange, new cities EAA 5.0.6 Alpha

Be sure to connect two files, in order in the manager: 
1. MAPA_EAA_V5-0.8.scs (MANDATORY)

Additional file: 
Screenshots Mod
EAA MAP NORMAL 5.0.8 ALPHA [1.33.x] EAA MAP NORMAL 5.0.8 ALPHA [1.33.x] EAA MAP NORMAL 5.0.8 ALPHA [1.33.x]
Gameplay / Videos:

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