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Enhanced Native Trainer v40 for GTA 5

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Enhanced Native Trainer v40 for GTA 5
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Category - GTA V other mods
Version - v.1180.1
Credits: - Zemanez, arewenotmen

Description about Enhanced Native Trainer v40 for GTA 5:

Mod Enhanced Native Trainer v40 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

This is one of the most popular trainers for GTA 5! The new version added all vehicles and opportunities from the latest release of Nightlife!
To open trainer press F4.
For installation you will need ScriptHook V latest version to a new machine is not lost!
Attention! Do not use the trainer Online! Immediately banned!

Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 40 Bugfix 4
* Fixed ENT’s game version detection system so it now applies the correct despawn pointer.
Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:

*Added a 'Waves Intensity' option.
*Added a 'Vehicle Never Gets Dirty' option.
*Added an 'Enable Headlights During Blackout' feature.
*Added an 'NPC Vehicles Use Full Beam' option.
*Added a 'Burnout' feature under the 'Vehicle Control' menu - allows you to force your vehicle to do burnouts from a standing position.
*Added a few engine sounds of the recent DLC vehicles.
*Added an 'Idle Consumption' option for the 'Fuel Consumption' feature. Your vehicle will use fuel even when its engine's running and you're not going anywhere.

*Fixed a critical bug in the 'Infinite Rocket Boost' feature. It crashed the game on older game versions.
*Fixed a similar bug under the 'Chauffeur To Marker' and the '3D Marker' menus.
*Improved the 'Create New Vehicle Save' option. Your current vehicle's name will be offered as a save name automatically. May not work for custom vehicles as it uses in-game vehicle names/labels.
*Removed the 'Enable Police Spotlight During Blackout' feature. The 'Enable Headlights During Blackout' feature does the same and even more

Tested in game version v.1180.1
Screenshots Mod
Enhanced Native Trainer v40 for GTA 5 Enhanced Native Trainer v40 for GTA 5 Enhanced Native Trainer v40 for GTA 5
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