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de_dust3 Map v1.0 by mattyy25 for CSGO

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de_dust3 Map v1.0 by mattyy25 for CSGO
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Category - CSGO maps
Version - CS:GO
Credits: - mattyy25

Description about de_dust3 Map v1.0 by mattyy25 for CSGO:

Download mod de_dust3 Map v1.0 by mattyy25 for CSGO | Counter Strike-Global Offensive game.

Changes for the map:
-  Added a wall ct side mid to help ts moving and to stop cts from generally awping on that side and pushing them to the otherside
- removed the huge window in the mosque and added clutter on a long where itd b
- removed palm trees and additions to that on a site
- removed two doors into b side from t spawn, kept 1 door with a big crack in it
- fixed lighting issues with a few props in B and around site
- moved the fountain into and closer to ct side b side
- broke 3d skybox kind of
- made middle textures split a bit divided by a conc curb, moved ground plants around the map, reapplied a few broken decals
- changed door models in mosque and moved one to make it easier for cts to awp, less area to cover scoped in
- Closed one of the doorsets in fountain/garden place
- Removed the balcony from garden to palace
- Removed arches in palace now its just a giant window
- Fixed stair case leading to A
- Moved bombsite B over a room
- Deleted a few hidey spots like big box long, gap where the gate is by b site
- Added a overhang thing in T spawn the wooden beams
- Removed grain basket stack in CT peak to mid from palace
- ADDED ALOT OF Crates in midish ct
- Changed railing to conrete one on A site besides the 1 overlooking A for maybe now, just cuz of aliasing sucks or w/e it is
- Bunch of misc things like texture changes, clipping fixes, pushed box from T to long palace to the side so u dont jump over

Installation instructions for the map:
- Download the archive, unzip the file with the .bsp extension to "your game folder" / csgo / maps;
- Start Counter Strike: Global Offensive, then to launch the map, you need to open the console and register: map map name 


Screenshots Mod
de_dust3 Map v1.0 by mattyy25 for CSGO de_dust3 Map v1.0 by mattyy25 for CSGO de_dust3 Map v1.0 by mattyy25 for CSGO
Gameplay / Videos:

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