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Volvo FMx fix v1.1 by galimim

Volvo FMx fix v1.1 by galimim

Category - ETS 2 trucks

Version Game - 1.35.x
Credits: - galimim, SCS, HD TRUCK TEAM

Volvo FMx fix v1.1 by galimim for Ets2 1.35.x game version

Some have seen glimpses of this, so here is a fix of Volvo FMX Euro 6. 
This is more of a MacGyver job than the FM model, and so the chassis models are less detailed than in FM mod.

Thanks to tobrago for letting me make a compatibility addon for Signs on your Truck mod

Thanks to Eugene for dirt deflectors!

The model is quite heavy on the hardware! I have reduced the amount 
of vertixes, but it is still not for those on the lower end of PC specs

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any Euro 6 FMX with a proper interior, so I have changed 
it so it uses the FH 2012 instead of FH 2009 like it was originally. If there are any modelers that 
would be willing to make it (I just need models, the rest I can do myself), send me a PM.

Change Log from original mod:
-Changed models to volvo_fmx
-Changed def files to volvo.fmx
-Added support for trailer cables
-Added support for advanced coupling
-Added correct engines and gearboxes
-Added badges for each engine
-Cleanup of model
-Cleanup of textures
-Separated spoiler from the cabin
-Changed Interior to FH 2012
-Added and corrected flares
-Added Day cab
-Added Interior for Day cab
-Added Sleeper cab
-Added Interior for Sleeper cab
-Separated front fenders
-Added painted fenders
-Added icons for major parts

f you want to change the light box decal you will find a template in folder "template". You need to save in folder \vehicle\truck\upgrade\decals\volvo_fmx\textures with the name "" and default size is 2048x512.

The mod includes:
-3 Cabs
-4x2 chassis
-4x4 chassis
-6x2 pusher chassis
-6x2 tag chassis
-6x4 chassis
-6x6 chassis

New version 1.1:
- Made sunshield removable
- Fix for patch 1.35
  - Bug fix

Version 1.0: 
Original mod

Signs on your Truck compatibility addon, make sure it loads 
after the main FMX mod and Signs on your Truck mod:

The templates are included in the mod as a .psd, .jpg and .png files.

Thanks to Vabis22 for providing me with multiple versions of FMX mods that I could use to put this together. 

Respect the work and don't reupload without permission! 
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Volvo FMx fix v1.1 by galimim Volvo FMx fix v1.1 by galimim

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