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fiber_smart_recordScenario Groups v3.4 for GTA 5

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Scenario Groups v3.4 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V other mods

Version Game - v1.50+
Credits: - Alex106

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Reason: Mod Updated to v3.4
Download mod Scenario Groups v3.4 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Scenario Groups - this scripting mod activates various scripting groups (disabled by default). You will now find NPCs inside Blaine County Savings & Loan Bank, Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores Police Stations, Police Towing Park in South LS, junkyard guards from Big One Prep Mission. 

Features Scenario Groups:
- Cops at the Franklin's towing impound.
- Police vehicles at the South LS police station (the one next to the Franklin's towing impound) parking lot.
- Security guards at the scrapyard from the "Big Score" preparation mission.
- FIB agents inside the FIB building lobby and office.
- NPCs inside the Doomsday Heist update (player) Facility (MP map required).
- Lost MC members inside the East Vinewood clubhouse (MP map required).
- NPCs inside the Pacific Standard bank (enabled for the MP map).
- NPCs and cops inside the Mission Row police station (enabled for the MP map).
- NPCs outside the After Hours update nightclubs.

Changes in v3.4:
- Added the Cayo Perico island scenarios. Note: i couldn't come up with a way/idea on to how to enable the scenarios only when on the island, so for now they're always loaded.
- Removed the code to hide certain props outside the nightclubs. Because of this change, at least for now, the Downtown Vinewood nightclub scnearios can't be enabled.
- Updated "ScenarioGroups.cs", "ScenarioGroups.ini", "vespucci.ymt" and added "island_drug_fields.ymt". 

Tested in game version v1.50+ 
Screenshots Mod
Scenario Groups v3.4 for GTA 5 Scenario Groups v3.4 for GTA 5 Scenario Groups v3.4 for GTA 5

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      Thanos Mod is a paid mod. You can buy it from here Thanos Mod GTA 5.

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