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B73FLYs EDXP-EU v2.0 (1.37.x)

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B73FLYs EDXP-EU v2.0 (1.37.x)
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Category - ETS 2 other mods
Version Game - 1.37.x
Credits: - Boeing73FLY
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Reason: Mod Update to v2.0

Description about « B73FLYs EDXP-EU v2.0 (1.37.x): »

Enhanced Driving Experience v2.0 for Ets2 1.37.x game version 

*EDXP is the acronym for "Enhanced Driving Experience". 

New version 2.0:
2020 JUN 22 (1.37.2)
- Reduced spawn rates of traffic trailers of "Operation Genoa Bridge 2020" back to standard in observance of the event conclusion.
- Increased blinking rate of yellow light on traffic signals in sleep mode.

2020 JUN 7 (1.37.1)
- A FRESH START!! Boeing73FLY's Enhanced Driving XPerience 2.0 ... released!
  - Some features from version 1.0 may not be implemented until the next mod update.


Version 1.11.3:
- Added "Pink Ribbon" event trailer traffic for October  
- Spawns rarely
Version 1.11.2:
 - Reworked spawning of 80kph traffic  
- Reduced traffic without trailers
Version 1.11.1:
- Re-worked sounds
  - Better quality AI engine sounds, loudness versus displacement (petrol vs. diesel)
  - Constant sound volume across all car and truck tires
  - According to the poll votes, thunder will now play...
    - slightly later (few seconds longer silence)
    - slightly softer treble levels, but still retaining semi-heavy bass levels
- Adjusted traffic light timings in the Baltics
  - NOTE: Some traffic lights will be temporarily disabled for 24 hours as a way for me to find them in order to fix them in the future.
    - Help is greatly appreciated by reporting and sending me the location DURING DAYTIME in-game.
- Added more variety of trailer traffic
- Added "spawn_ratio" of 10% to some 80-kph low bed trailers
- Returned clocks set back 1 hour for Snow Version for certain areas

Version 1.10.1:
- Fixed precipitation and thunder sounds for Snow Version (a common mistake I will probably keep making).  
- Has not been reported for several versions. Geez...
Version 1.10.0: 
- Compatibility update for version 1.33  
- Trailer definition updates.    
- Use of code "company_paint_job: true" for multiple liveries of trailers. 
NOTE: Addon for the Baltic DLC will come during December (exact date unknown). 

This is a little mod package that I originally made for myself in order to make the driving 
experience AND the in-game experience a little more "realistic". It contains several modifications to 
definitions and sounds. It has remained private for several versions of ETS2...until now.

Here is an outline of what has changed (NOTE: Points with a # symbol indicate something is not yet implemented):

This mod must be installed at a higher priority over other sound or AI mods.

*- Some trailers in AI traffic may not have cables connected, and this will cause annoying warnings in the console. 
I suggest going into Gameplay settings and set trailer cables to only appear on your truck. (NO FIX) 

This update will be Steam Workshop exclusive. 
As of this date, the mod has been updated. Happy trucking!
Screenshots Mod
B73FLYs EDXP-EU v2.0 (1.37.x)

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