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AI Realistic lights V 1.0 for ATS 1.35.XX

Author: Rockeropasiempre | Date: 8-10-2019, 10:34 | Views: 123 | Comments: 0
AI Realistic lights V 1.0 for ATS 1.35.XX
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Category - ATS Other Mods
Version - 1.35.XX
Credits: - Rockeropasiempre

Description about AI Realistic lights V 1.0 for ATS 1.35.XX:

AI Realistic lights V 1.0 for ATS 1.35.XX

New mod.



This mod touches virtually all of the game's lighting.

It acts on the headlights of the vehicles, and the taillights of cars and trucks.
Turn signals, taillights, and brake lights, much more colorful, with a wide spectrum to be able to see them at a greater distance.
The flashes have been reinforced so that they have a more powerful light beam,
Like red taillights and brake lights.
It also acts on the lights of the street lamps and traffic lights, which have been converted to led's.
Original textures and files of the game modified.

Changes in Version 1.0:

- Led textures for traffic lights.
- Added LEDs, to traffic lights and beacons of road works.
- The traffic lights remain colorless, until their function makes them light, and adapt the required color.
- Adapted versions of pmg files.
- Reduction of blur on roads of vehicle taillights.
- Decrease blur of traffic signals.
- Compatible with all Dlc's.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

File weight: 1.6 Mb
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AI Realistic lights V 1.0 for ATS 1.35.XX
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