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Grand Utopia Map v1.6 (1.35.x) for ETS2

Author: Tacsi68 | Date: 4-11-2019, 13:58 | Views: 185 | Comments: 0
Grand Utopia Map v1.6 (1.35.x) for ETS2
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Category - ETS 2 maps
Version Game - 1.35.x
Credits: - MyGodness

Description about « Grand Utopia Map v1.6 (1.35.x) for ETS2: »

Download mod Grand Utopia Map v1.6 (1.35.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

New Changes v1.6:
In this update, discover 9 new cities : Ghyvelde, Saint-Vaury, Saint-Benoît, Ville-Marie, 
Gravouland, Tours, La-Baie-du-Chien, Krewit, Chavanon.
That update is public and totally free

Changes v1.5
It includes exclusive cities of 1.4.5 version and a brand new city. So, you will find in this version :
– Montbois
– Chalezeule
– Saint-Angel
– Dolan-sur-Mer

Version 1.4:
-  added city of Egeskov
- mod converted to Ets2 1.34.x game version
- custom warehouses added
- custom adverts added
- some minor mapping mistakes corrected
- some minor bugs corrected

This map will give you an entire new fictional world to discover, created by me.
The map is still a work in progress project so I thank you to be nice if you have some bugs while you play on it.
Don't forget that Grand Utopia is a standalone map. 
That means that you cannot add it to other maps (europe, promods, trucksim, etc).
You must create a new game to play on it.

*You must have ALL MAP DLC's in order to make the map work. 
The new Baltic Sea DLC is not required.

I won't be responsible of crashes or save corruptions if you activate the map 
on your current game or if you play on it with other mods !
Good game !


We try hard to map so as to create the most realistic map as possible. 
Therefore, on Grand Utopia, you will be able to find breathtaking landscapes, varied and not repetitive roads, 
crowded cities as well as small villages with some narrow streets, and countrysides. 
And all this, we do it with patience to offer you a high-quality experience ! 

We wish to offer you a driving experience to the closest to the reality. 
So, our map is in the scale 1:1. 
It means that one kilometer traveled on our roads amounts to a real kilometer. 
When we know that a truck drives on average at 72 kph, we can say that you 
still have time in front of you for numerous hours of driving ! 

Plenty of players are tired by the simplicity of the default map of Euro Truck Simulator 2. 
We understood it well and that is why we create regularly difficult passages where you can put to the test your driving skills.
And sometimes, it will be necessary to you to be patient to manage to pass !

Regularly and before every update, we test personally our map in its entirety to supply
you a work with least bugs or possible errors of mapping.
However, if you reveal something, said it to us !

If you want to actively support this project, know that 
you can donate using my PayPal account :

Moreover, my project Grand Utopia - Map for ETS2 is licensed 
under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

The only original download link of this mod is on
If you downloaded it on another platform, I will not be responsible of any crash or savegame corruption.
Please, download the mod only on my website.

Tested on game version 1.35.x
Screenshots Mod
Grand Utopia Map v1.6 (1.35.x) for ETS2 Grand Utopia Map v1.6 (1.35.x) for ETS2 Grand Utopia Map v1.6 (1.35.x) for ETS2
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