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Gang and Turf Mod v1.3.19 for GTA 5

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Gang and Turf Mod v1.3.19 for GTA 5
Category - GTA V other mods
Version game - v.1180.1
Credits: - lucasvinbr
Download mod Gang and Turf Mod v1.3.19 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

This mod tries to create a gang and turf system similar to that of Gta San Andreas. With it, you are able to control a gang with a name and members of your choice, take over territories of San Andreas and fight against other gangs for the control of those territories. Control of zones of the world provides constant income. 

This mod requires the following to work properly:
Script Hook V
Script Hook V Dot Net (tested with v2.10.10)
Native UI (tested with v1.9.1)

Also, Script Hook V Dot Net requires the following:
.NET Framework ≥ 4.8
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 x64 

Drag the scripts folder and the gangModData folder into your GTAV folder.
If you are using Bilago's mod manager,
create a folder for this mod inside the "GTAV Mods" folder
and then extract the scripts folder into the one you've just created.
The GangModData folder must still be put inside the GTAV folder,
or else data won't be saved properly.
When updating from a previous version, don't overwrite your "gangModData" folder, or else you'll lose your saved data!
[/spoiler[spoiler=Default basic Controls]Default basic Controls:
B - Open mod options/gang options and upgrades menu
Shift + B - Open contextual registration menu: gang member registration when on foot and facing a pedestrian, vehicle registration when inside a vehicle
N - Check current zone name and ownership
Shift + N - Open zone controls menu
Ctrl + N - Toggle between zone blip modes (show nearest 5, show all, show none)
Aim at friendly member + H - Add/remove member to/from group (he will follow you around)
Aim at friendly vehicle + H - Make the vehicle back you up (come to you and drop passengers if you're on foot; escort you if you're inside a vehicle)
Aim at friendly member + J - Take control of target member (the armor bar represents the member's health) / return to protagonist
Spacebar (when controlling a member that has been killed) - Take control of nearest member

Controls are configurable ingame.

Reported/known Incompatibilities (if you find out a new one, or notice that one of the mods cited here are no longer having compatibility issues, please report!)
-''Real | RAGE Weapons and Damage Enhancer'': reported by Thumblesteen, causes member deaths during wars to not affect reinforcement counts.
-"Vitality": Vitality is a pretty awesome mod that affects max health and regeneration; however, that conflicts with the way gang member mind control is implemented, making it possible to get "wasted" while controlling a member (which shouldn't happen without Vitality). If you don't use this mod's member mind control feature, you shouldn't have any problem using Vitality.

More information on how to use this mod here.

Want to see Families, Ballas, Vagos and the other "lore-friendly" gangs? Check out  Renlou's Gangs file!

This mod is open source on GitHub. Contributions are welcome!

Changes in v1.3.19 
-fix for being immortal when mind controlling
-fix for gang cars never despawning

[spoiler=Old Changes]Changelog:
-switched some "interval between..." options to use miliseconds instead of ticks
-changes in member AI (letting the game take care of most of it now)
-changes in driver AI (got some great info from Eddlm's vehicle flags thread and Lively World project. Thanks a lot!)
-autosaving in configurable intervals instead of every time something changes
-some mod options have been changed or removed: minGangAITicksBetweenBattlesWithSameGang, for example, was replaced by minMsTimeBetweenAttacksOnPlayerTurf

-fix for passenger members not leaving backup cars

-fix for some members walking around during wars as if nothing was happening
-some other minor changes, like removing the  entry from gangdata.xml

-fix for members who are part of player's group getting in and out of player's vehicle

-possible fixes for reported issues

-properly dealing with the invisible members (credit goes to Guardiant1t3r3 for finding out the cause!)
-"members scared of mind control" fix
-in a war, the enemy gang should switch spawn position from time to time, not only after too many losses

-more stability (at least apparently hahaha)
-pressing H when looking at one of your gang's vehicles that are passing by should tell them to behave like a backup vehicle, getting closer to you and dropping passengers if you're on foot or escorting you if you're inside a vehicle
-MemberPool file has been remade and should be compatible with the game's latest version (gangs with invisible members must still have their members removed for them to get new, "healthy" ones!)
-some other extra tweaks in ModOptions

-fix for crash during wars in the new GTA version
-enemies stuck inside cars should have less impact on enemy spawning during wars

-fixes, especially for the AI in defensive mode
-idle gang members sometimes do other stuff besides wandering
-more weapons from the dlcs
-when you press insert or the mod crashes, a message should pop up and blips should be removed now

option to register members for a specific enemy gang
some changes in the member registration menu

more blip colors
more zones, added by sover9!
members go away from the middle of the street more often
war reinforcement texts should be in the middle of the screen now
more support for freemode peds
a few more customizable options in ModOptions

Minor fixes: correct checking of coexisting gangs, preventing negative numbers in reinforcements counter and others

New war system and war options (skip war, change allied spawn point)
Zone strength levels, that affect income, reinforcements available when defending and police presence
Some little Gang AI variations
Some new weapons added to the list
More options in ModOptions

Multiple changes and tweaks made by Zixum (toggleable in the menus)
Additional options added to config menu
Menu option: remove member/car from pool and from other gangs
Fix for the crash on controlled gang member death

More possible fixes for reported issues
Options that controlled gang fighting now persist between reloading of scripts
"Make ped ally to your gang" option

Fixes for some of the issues reported with 1.2.0
(it's probably better to reinstall now, because some turf data may have been permanently lost in 1.2.0)

Blips have been changed and now use the gang's color
Guns and upgrades are now much more expensive by default
Melee weapons introduced
Some fixes

Fixes for crashing when spawning members/vehicles

Mainly attempts to fix ambient spawning issues
A few tweaks to drivers

Changed the way members are spawned and despawned
Added cars to other gangs
(I've added some cars to the vehicle pool file, but you should add more to yours!)
Added gang car spawning occasionally and during wars
Added cost and cooldown to the backup options (configurable)
Some issues may have been fixed

Added Revolver and the other weapons from recent updates to the upgrades list (you must reset your mod options to defaults or replace yours with the one from this version's download for these weapons to appear)
Configurable gang member aggressiveness (3 tiers)
Toggleable ambient member spawning
Gang wars are now basically a countdown of kills until victory

Gang menu now divided in sections
Controls are now configurable ingame and in the ModOptions file
The colors of the player gang vehicles are now configurable ingame
Toggle Enemy Invasions option
Configurable reward for taking enemy territory
AI for the backup vehicle driver should be a little more reliable now

Option, in the ModOptions file, to configure the cost of taking territories
Mod crash prevention in cases when a memberPool is not found/doesn't exist

Fix, similar to that of 1.0.3, to the enemy relocation when too far away during gang wars
Toggle Gang Fighting option
Possible fix for members who were added to your group not following you

Fix for members not spawning on distant zones, like mountains
Partial fix for members running away from the police (they won't run, but they'll stand still, stuck and scared)
Default ticks between member AI updates has been reduced (if updating from a previous version, please reset the ModOptions to defaults for this change to take effect)

UI fixes, mouse as "select" button in the menus and possible fix for loss of control of the protagonist

No longer stuck on black screen if busted while controlling a member
Tested in game version v.1180.1  
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Gang and Turf Mod v1.3.19 for GTA 5 Gang and Turf Mod v1.3.19 for GTA 5 Gang and Turf Mod v1.3.19 for GTA 5
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