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fiber_smart_recordClass 222 Advanced

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Class 222 Advanced
Credits: - justtrains

Introduced in 2004 and capable of 125 mph, the distinctive shape, effortless performance and striking liveries of the British Rail Class 222 passenger trains can be seen running up and down the Midland region of England.
This well established and reliable DEMU (Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit) now comes to Train Simulator with Just Trains’ authentic and exciting ‘Advanced’ specifications, made possible by the unique Just Trains ActivScript coding.
ActivScript functionality brings a wealth of complex systems and highly realistic features to this Class 222 Advanced simulation to provide an outstanding driving experience. These features include a partially simulated TMS (Train Management System), pre-defined slow speed running for use in train washes, driver alertness check by sounding the DSD (Driver’s Safety Device) vigilance alarm and even variable density of exhaust ‘smoke’ when the train is under load.
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Class 222 Advanced Class 222 Advanced Class 222 Advanced

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