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Enhanced Native Trainer v45.0 for GTA 5

Enhanced Native Trainer v45.0 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V other mods

Version Game - v.1180.1
Credits: - Zemanez, arewenotmen

Download mod Enhanced Native Trainer v45.0 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Enhanced Native Trainer This trainer is very convenient and visual, has some distinguishing features, for example, a preview of cars before spawning them. Now you don't have to remember the name of the car, but you can just scroll through and select. There are trainer settings. It is possible to disconnect people (pedestrians), and simply will not, or remove cars (traffic) from the roads. Trainers for GTA 5 are already a great many, from the simplest, with basic functions, to complex with a large number of various settings.

Features script Enhanced Native Trainer:
- Skin customiser
- Vehicle customiser
- Weapon customiser
- Organised & extra vehicles
- Organised & extra teleport locations
- Ability to save vehicles & skins
- Many additional general options
- Saves/restores settings across multiple uses
- Controller support

Changes in v45.0:
• Added missing vehicle previews.
• Updated the despawn global to support version 1.51.
Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:
• Added a 'Show Vigilante Blips' option. You can see people that are after you on the map now.
• Improved the 'Peds Don't Like Weapons' feature + fixed some tiny bugs. It's compatible with the 'Vigilante Citizens' option now.
• Fixed a bug in the 'Show Police Blips Permanently' option. It sometimes showed the blip of a dead cop.
Known Bugs:-
• Some of the weapon tints (namely MK1 tints) use the incorrect name in ENT. This is a side effect of using the in-game names.
• Some vehicle mod options use the wrong category name (i.e Arena War vehicles have mods which use the same mod index as normal vehicles, but their contents are different).
• If ENT crashes your game on start up - check inside the "Enhanced Native Trainer" folder for ent.log and look for lines like "Exception". That should tell you what caused the crash or where ENT crashed.
• When ENT crashes during start up and you are co-loading other mods LOAD JUST ENT and see if the crash persists. If it does not - add a mod back in and try again until your game crashes. That will help narrow down what is causing the crash for you.
• We're working on re-adding custom controller keybinds back into ENT but it may not be available until later.

Tested in game version v.1180.1
Screenshots Mod
Enhanced Native Trainer v45.0 for GTA 5 Enhanced Native Trainer v45.0 for GTA 5 Enhanced Native Trainer v45.0 for GTA 5

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  1. Zagruzka
    Zagruzka 18 February 2020 20:44 | 54 | 3 041
    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 42 bugfix update 2:
    *    Added an 'Enable Hazard Lights On Damage' option for the 'Vehicle
    *    Fixed some bugs in the 'Super Jump' feature.
    *    Fixed a similar nasty bug in both the 'Reduced Grip If Snowing' and the 'Slippery When Wet' features. It made your vehicle drive too fast.
    *    Fixed a nasty bug in the 'Bodyguards' feature. Your animal bodyguards will protect you a bit better now.
    *    Improved the 'Manual Respawn' option. The 'Wasted/Arrested' message will only appear after you pressed the respawn button.
    *    Improved the 'Vehicle Spawner' feature. You can control the 'Invade and Persuade' and the 'RC Bandito' vehicles now.
    *    Improved the 'Invincible' option. An explosion will make you ragdoll now.
    *    Improved the 'Go To Mission Marker' option. It has been rewritten from scratch.
    *    Improved the 'Bodyguards' feature a bit. Bodyguards will be swimming and diving with you more willingly now.
    *    Improved the 'First Person Death/Arrest Camera' option + fixed a bug. It's compatible with the 'Manual Respawn' option now + you can rotate the camera now.
    *    Improved the 'Instant Respawn On Death/Arrest' option. It's compatible with the 'Manual Respawn' option now.
    *    Improved the 'First Person Stunt Jump Camera' option. Fixed some camera issues.
    *    Improved the 'Limp If Injured' option.
    *    Improved the 'Airbrake' feature

  2. admin
    admin 28 January 2020 20:08 | 130 | 6 804
    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 42 bugfix update 1
    Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:
    *    Added a 'drafter' engine sound.
    *    Added a 'Random Appearance' option for the 'Bodyguard' feature.
    *    Added some 'bodyguard' hotkeys.
    *    Added a 'Muffled Radio' hotkey.
    *    Fixed a critical bug in the 'Auto Apply Last Saved Skin' option.
    *    Fixed a bug in the 'Vigilante Citizens' option.
    *    Fixed some nasty bugs in the 'Power Punch' feature.
    *    Fixed some nasty bugs in the 'Fuel Consumption' option. They didn't let you save your vehicle in a garage + they broke some missions.
    *    Fixed a bug in the 'Vehicle Tracking' option. It also didn't let you save your vehicle in a garage.
    *    Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Hancock Mode' option + improved it a bit.
    *    Improved the 'Super Jump' option a bit + fixed a bug. It disables parachute automatically now + it remembers its own settings now + added 0.5 value.
    *    Improved the 'Bodyguards' feature. You can enter spawn name manually now.
    *    Improved the 'Speed Limiter' option a bit.