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RusMap v2.4.3.1 (1.43.x) for ETS2

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RusMap v2.4.3.1 (1.43.x) for ETS2
Category - ETS 2 maps
Version game - 1.43.x
Credits: - aldim@tor, Sergey061
Last edited by: Zagruzka - 27-12-2021, 21:37
Reason: Mod Updated to v2.4.3.1
Download mod RusMap v2.4.3.1 (1.43.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

RusMap - is very detailed map and has long been liked by the users of the game. Many truck drivers in real life have traveled the country far and wide! Visited many cities in transit or at work. Maybe for some driver this map is nostalgia, for someone it's just the very beginning of the work, but most importantly each of us has become an admirer of the RusMap map!

Features RusMap:
- Map of Russia (57 cities) and the Republic of Belarus (18 cities). 
- Roads in Russia and Belarus;
- Lots of new cities;
- Various objects and points of delivery of goods, companies.
New prefabs, models and companies 
- russian placeables on the map
- nice landscapes, great roads to drive
- Required DLC's:  DLC Going East + Scandinavian DLC + Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC

Changes in v2.4.3.1:
- Without territorial changes;
- Work has been carried out on the specified and found errors;
- Outdated signs and models have been partially replaced, new ones have been added.

Tested on game version 1.43.x

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RusMap v2.4.3.1 (1.43.x) for ETS2 RusMap v2.4.3.1 (1.43.x) for ETS2 RusMap v2.4.3.1 (1.43.x) for ETS2

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