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Freightliner Classic XL v2.0+ (BSA Revision)

Author: Tacsi68 | Date: 3-01-2020, 14:14 | Views: 296 | Comments: 1
Freightliner Classic XL v2.0+ (BSA Revision)
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Category - ETS 2 trucks
Version Game - 1.36.x
Credits: - odd_fellow,Enigma

Description about « Freightliner Classic XL v2.0+ (BSA Revision): »

Download mod american truck Freightliner Classic XL v2.0+ (BSA Revision) (1.36.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Freightliner Classic XL - fully reflects the philosophy of American American trucks, 
bonnet layout, 6x4 wheel arrangement, a very powerful engine, and a hefty sleeping compartment.

Features truck Freightliner Classic XL:
- independent truck model
- hiqh quality 3D model
- hiqh quality detailed exterior
- hiqh quality detailed interior
- the model has own interior
- the model has own sound
- the model has own wheels
- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
- the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat cabin
- the choice of cabins (Two cabins, one cab works)
- the choice of power engine
- the choice of transmission, gearbox
- the choice of wheels configuration
- the choice of color body / metallic paints / skins
- correct position of the Freightliner logo
- Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals;
- The correct position of the player
- Registered in the company and agency orders
- Cabin Accessories DLC support
- There are external tuning
- Supports all major functions of the game
- buy from ??? dealer

New change in v2.0
Updated up to ets2 v1.36 and DX11 requirements
- Freightliner mod dealers;
- 3 cabins: 70'' Mid-Roof and Raised Roof Sleepers, 84'' Raised Roof Sleeper;
- 3 interiors with its variants;
- 2 chassis: 259'' and 275'' 6X4 chassis;
- Paintjob support;
- Advanced Coupling System support;
- Its own trailer cables;
- Its own tuning;
- Tires and Freightliner covers included;
- Smoke;
- DLC Steering Creations Pack + Steering Wheel Knobs included;
- DLC Cabin Accessories support (some items included);
- SCS Horns support;
- Warning flags and front banners included;
- Small lights included;
- Presented in Trucks Gallery;
- Added to Quick Jobs.

Tested on game version 1.36.x

  Softclub-NSK - authors of the model;
  Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar - conversion to ETS2;
  dmitry68 - some parts;
  Kriechbaum - some sounds;
  Ventyres - wheels;
  odd_fellow, John Ruda, memes, Drive Safely, Sliipais, Nikola, 
Custom Truck ATS - mod development and game versions adaptation;
  Used some parts and details or their elements from: RTA-Mods trucks, 
Freightliner FLD 120 by Anton Aronson and KW_Driver, Freightliner Classic v1.0 edited by Carlos.

Thank you ALL for this awesome truck!!

BSA Junk Yard Revision notes:
- Based on Freightliner Classic XL mod V2.1 edited by Custom Truck ATS for 
ATS v1.4.4.2 and Freightliner Classic XL mod V2.0 Official by odd_fellow for ets2 v1.5;
- Updated: up to ets2 v1.36;
- Fixed: models and collision corrections, DX11 adaptation;
- Added: 84'' Raised Roof Sleeper with its interior, 275'' chassis, trailer cables, 
multiple shadows for some details and for all the accessories, some items of cabin accessories, 
SCS horns support for Mid-Roof cabin, collision models for all the headache racks; license plates, 
side boxes and battery boxes, side straps/flares, vents and rivets for the sleepers, 
warning flags, front banners, smoke for all the variants of exhausts; new variants of rear lights, 
tanks, hood mirrors, headache racks, painted variant of airfilters and of lightbars for them, painted dash panel.
- Revised: truck, interior, accessories models and files, coupling system, collision models, shadows;
- Changed: mod structure and internal name to prevent the mixing of Classic XL with 
other mods on Freightliner trucks, roof of the Mid-Roof variant, powered axles.
- Deleted: redundant, unused and some irrelevant for ATS files.

Credits: blacksitearea

Enjoy this mod!
Screenshots Mod
Freightliner Classic XL v2.0+ (BSA Revision) Freightliner Classic XL v2.0+ (BSA Revision) Freightliner Classic XL v2.0+ (BSA Revision)
Gameplay / Videos:

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