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Niedersachsenmap [N-Map] v1.8.2 [1.36.x]

Niedersachsenmap [N-Map] v1.8.2 [1.36.x]

Category - ETS 2 maps

Version Game - 1.36.x
Credits: - SN-map/er

Niedersachsenmap [N-Map] v1.8.2 for Ets2 1.36.x game version

The N-Map is a very realistic replica of Lower Saxony, or so far mainly 
a part of hannover and hildesheim + environment.
I work officially on the map since V 1.28 but actually longer. 
The reason that I have built it but only a "small" map is that I alone, in my spare time, 
very realistic and with a lot of love work, so that almost every job looks realistic.
*You need the 3 Map DLCs: North, East and France
The map scale is 1:3
New Version 1.8.2:
- Some revision on the whole map
- Bug fixed that countries were shown on the freight market map
- Added skins for the Man TGX E6 / Scania S / Renault T.
- Added skins for all Krone, Schwarzmüller and normal trailers
- Real companies / trailers and Ki trailers
- Much more bug fixes! Thanks for the exact work on Blade962010, the map is now
completely error-free (collisions, AI errors, navigation errors, Daf dealers in emmerke)
- New workshop, new company and converted dealer in Emmerke
- Readme revised
- New professional website created
- Reduce folder size (less MB)
- FLD prefabs removed (Lower Saxony prefab folder must be deleted)

Loading order:
1. Def
4.Heavy Cargo
5. Skins

For an editable version, simply ask the SN-Map / er via the platforms, the original is encrypted
Have fun!
Thanks for the support: Maximilian, Fabian and Christian!
For a donation via Paypal I would be very grateful! 
Paypal E-Mail: directly linked to the donations;)
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Niedersachsenmap [N-Map] v1.8.2 [1.36.x] Niedersachsenmap [N-Map] v1.8.2 [1.36.x] Niedersachsenmap [N-Map] v1.8.2 [1.36.x]

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