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fiber_smart_recordRPIE VOLVO FH16 2012 for Ets2 (

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RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012 for Ets2 (

Category - ETS 2 trucks

Version Game - 1.36.x
Credits: - Remon Pnoill Israil Enwia ( RPIE )

VOLVO FH16 2012 by RPIE ( for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game

Note from the Author:
We want to thank everyone. We are truly grateful for your time and dedication.

After several weeks of thorough testing and bug fixing, the old versions are finally
over today, and we are here to release live MODs version for everyone.

Thank you for your patience, we hope that you will enjoy these MODs as much as the previous ones. 

Latest mod version content on:
- 5 Cabins.
- 59 Chassis, 7 Original and 52 Additional.
- 9 New Engines.
- 8 New Transmissions.
- 4 Interiors.
- Over 230 Paint Jobs ( If you have all DLC ).
- All Original Accessories + Front Grid, Front Mirror, Side Mirror, Sideskirts, Tanks,
Fenders, Rear Bumpers, Middle Exhausts, Small Lights, Angel Eyes Lights, Crane, Stone Guard, 
Front Hook, Windshield frame and Chassis Covers.
- All Original Interior Accessories + Glass Hookup, Toyhang, Light Boards and Interior Back Lights.
- Front & Rear Krone tires.
- Tandem Trailers.
- Dolly Trailers.

You must have EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 Version (update your game to latest version please).
You must unrar the mod file before you move it into the euro truck simulator 2 mod folder.

*You have no permission to upload this mod on other website or change the download link.
For more information and download link
Screenshots Mod
RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012 for Ets2 ( RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012 for Ets2 ( RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012 for Ets2 (

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