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SnowRunner Patch 5.3 Official Released

Author: admin | Date: 30-05-2020, 00:38 | Views: 714 | Comments: 0 |
SnowRunner Patch 5.3 Official Released
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The developers have provided a list of updates for the public test server - patch 5.3. Anyone with a license can already try the current update.

Features Pach 5.3 for SnowRunner game:

 Host could get stuck on a warning pop-up when trying to switch region.

Trucks & Cargo
 Overturned trailers could duplicate cargo.
 Truck previews were missing in the Truck Store.
 Trucks that should disappear after completing a mission remained on the map.

 After exiting garage, the Gearbox UI displayed as being in low gear when it was actually in auto.
 Garage entrance icon disappeared when moving the camera on the minimap.

 LOW+ gear was incorrectly located on reverse gear knob position when using "Logitech G driving force shifter" with Logitech G920.
 User was unable to select the adjust button action on steering wheels when custom preset buttons were adjusted.

 Fixed spelling mistakes in Polish.
 The "off" button was cropped in the Mod Menu in French.

 Infinite loading screen fixed.

 Couldn’t change gear is mouse sensitivity was set below 0.5.
 The "Ol' Faithful" task from the Rift map could not be completed. 

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