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New Street Phone Missions v1.5 for GTA 5

New Street Phone Missions v1.5 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V other mods

Version Game - v.1180.1
Credits: - adopcalipt

Download mod New Street Phone Missions v1.5 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

New Street Phone Missions - is a script modification, thanks to which you can launch interesting street missions through a telephone booth. Just go to the telephone box and pick up the phone to start the mission. In new missions, you can see characters you already know, as well as some new friends.

Changes in v1.5:
- Re-worked the options xml into an options menu.
- Made loading in more compatable with Random Start.
- Removed death/arrest option (is now just set to on) and added a prevent rockstart capture option.
- Fixed fire cat mission fail, where the cat owner dies or flees from player.
- Fixed the message instructions to Notification when bSubtitles are set to false.

Missions Lists:
-- It's trucking with variaty of trucks, trailers and destinations.
-- buffed the payout.
-- added damage value reduction.
-- added a detach timer reminder. 

-- Getaway driving, pick any 4+ seat land vehicle.
-- added damage deduction...
-- nerfed the payout.
-- added better robbers & cash lose FX.
-- Removed Cops in helis.

-- It's not a fetch quest... Just delivering ojects to locations...
-- Timed delivlierys with a bouns for completing all deliverys.
-- localized delivery areas 1-2-3 changed delivery type for 4, 5.
-- made improvments to area 6 paperround.
-- added a delivery counter.
-- hundreds of new locations.

-- Pick up the prisoners take them back to Bolingbroke.
-- Added bus icon on bus spawn.

-- It's not a taxi service... Pick up people take them to a destination...
-- MOre locations.
-- Reduced taxi attacks.
-- Made the pick-up location mostly appear near to where you are when accepting new or reapeat mission.
-- Passagers will warp into vehicle on third horn blast.
-- added a total earning counter. 

How to Install:
1. Download Script Hook V and install it in the folder with your game. 
2. Download Script Hook V .NET and install. Copy the contents of the archive and move it to the "scripts" folder. If there is no such folder, create it.

Tested on game version v.1180.1
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New Street Phone Missions v1.5 for GTA 5 New Street Phone Missions v1.5 for GTA 5 New Street Phone Missions v1.5 for GTA 5

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