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In the Village Map v1.0 for SnowRunner

In the Village Map v1.0 for SnowRunner

Category - SnowRunner Mods

Version Game - v10.0
Credits: - _Romka_

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In the Village - this mod adds a high quality russian map mod for Off-Road players. f you once lived with your grandmother in the village and love the countryside, then the map is for you! Full immersion in the countryside, forested, swampy areas will engulf you in an interesting adventure that you will go through until the very end! There are a huge number of tasks on the map that will not make you rest. You have to repair bridges, clear road blockages, repair pipelines, haul and repair cars, and much, much more!

Features mod In the Village:
- 1 Garage (you need to rebuild the bridge) to get to it.
- 3 cars at the start, plus there are along the way that you can find.
- There are gas stations that need to be restored under a contract.
- About 15 cars need to be pulled out or repaired, which you can get after completing the mission.
- 6 observation towers
- 50+ tasks on the map (contracts and orders)
- 3 timed competitions

Changes in v1.0:
1. support for 5 languages added: Russian, English, Français, Deutsche, 简体中文
2. a Large visual change occurred near the garage. Now the passage to it has become much more colorful, spacious and interesting.
3. Visual change when driving to the "sawmill", now there is a swamp where frogs croak =)
4. Added a change of weather conditions, now the map can be both thick fog and rain, dark sky before rain, and other weather conditions.
5. Added "background music" to the map. (if you have the music volume turned on in the game settings, then you will have a melody playing. The melodies are taken from the Taimyr maps")
5.1. Music may disappear after completing tasks or other actions. This is due to a flaw from the developers. We should fix this problem in the future.
6. The Region Is Configured. Now it has become the "Russian Federation", previously there was a map of the United States, since it was not possible to change it.
7. Another important change that many have been waiting for, now you will not have the "tools Menu" on the map, now you will carefully control money, pull out trucks and use them for their intended purpose.
8. in version 10, you can now play in co-Op, what do you need to do to play on this map with your friends? see the description of the mod, where there is a description.
 9. the Map is filled with many changes that you need to find yourself=) If you found: write, it will be nice to see that you remember the map as it was before.

Tested on game version v10.0
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In the Village Map v1.0 for SnowRunner In the Village Map v1.0 for SnowRunner In the Village Map v1.0 for SnowRunner

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