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Arasaka Cyberarms v2.2 for CyberPunk 2077

Category - Cyberpunk 2077 Mods

Version Game - 1.23
Credits: - Aanderz

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Reason: Mod Updated to v2.2
Download mod Arasaka Cyberarms v2.2 for CyberPunk 2077 game.

Arasaka Cyberarms - replacement arms for male characters, and for female characters using the male model. They have many skins to choose from, for all cyberarms.    

Content Mod:
- Arasaka Skin Library - Has all the skins for the Arasaka Cyberarms. Overwrite existing skin file with a skin of your choice.
- Gorilla arms - Replaces Gorilla Arms cyberware. Removes the knuckles on normal female Gorilla arms when they are active. Has an optional version that only replaces the right arm.
- Launcher arms - Replaces the Launcher cyberware when your character has it installed. They have an optional file to remove the open arm mechanisms.
- Monowire arms - Will remove nails from male player characters. Otherwise the Arasaka arms would have nails.
- Oda's Mantis blades - These are the default Mantis blade replacements in the Arasaka Cyberarms collection. They come with the stainless steel skin. Mantis blade replacement that use the glowing Oda blades. Alters the female Mantis blades as the male version use some female files. Also, no nails for male player characters. Use only one Mantis replacement, as these will conflict. Can conflict with mods that remove Bloom from the game.
- Blade Skins library - Optional file with all the skins for Oda's Mantis blade version. Requires the main mod.
- Default Mantis Blade - Default blades for Mantis cyberware. Also removes nails from male player characters. They have a file in the Misc section that will remove the extended mechanisms.
- Decals - Decals with options for Arasaka, Police, Militech, Border Patrol, Trauma Team and Kang Tao. They replace and hide the Weapon Grip cyberware that Victor installs at the beginning of the game. Will show on characters even if you have no cyberarm installed. Conflicts with mods that remove the Weapon Grip. There are decals for both arms, and for left or right arm only.
- Remove Weapon Grip - This is an optional file that will hide the hand cyberware that Victor installs at the beginning of the game. If you already have a mod that does this, you don't need this one. Conflicts with the decals.
- Female arms - There is a collection of arms for female characters in the optional files. The collection has all the same options of the male arms, but will also use the male arm model as there is no female version of the Arasaka arms. It will give females bulky arms, and they will not be attached to the body properly. They will of course clip with most clothes covering the arms.

Changes in v2.2:
- Male and female arms are now included in the same All-In-One mod.
- Default replacement arms are now included in the All-In-One mod.
- Every arm mod now has a thin version that comes in a separate download, All-In-One Thin Arms.
- Every arm mod are now separated in to left and right arms.
- All files in the All-In-One mods, except skins and blades, are optional and can be used separately. All arms require that you have a matching skin (Male or Female, Right or Left arm), and the MantisBlade mods requires the main Mantis files.
- Skin Library has been updated and requires latest mod version. You can now have different skins on right and left arms.
- Blade Library has been updated. You can now have different Mantis blades on right and left arms.
- Claw Blades have been temporarily removed from Blade Library as they didn't cooperate. Should return later.
- An optional mod, Miscellaneous Arms, has been added. It has several non-Arasaka options for arms. All arms have disabled shadows to prevent double arm shadows. Gorilla arms have a few options with nails. Mantis arms have a few options for clean arms that do not open, to be used with the Blade Library files.

Tested on game version v1.50+
Screenshots Mod
Arasaka Cyberarms v2.2 for CyberPunk 2077 Arasaka Cyberarms v2.2 for CyberPunk 2077 Arasaka Cyberarms v2.2 for CyberPunk 2077

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