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MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.2 map for ETS 2

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MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.2  map for ETS 2
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Credits: - MSHeavyAlex

Description about MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.2 map for ETS 2:

Description: This map add the folowing changes to the game:
1. Amsterdam (NL)- new highway cross road in front of town
2. Amsterdam (NL)- totally new company in town - English Transport company EUROPA
3. Rotterdam (NL)- new highway cross road in front of town
4. New towns on map :
       - Epinal (F)
    - Feldkirch (A)
    - Unken (A)
    - Lienz (A) (is not finished)
    - Chur (CH)
    - Belluno (I)
    - Sillian (A)
    - Bolzano (I)
    - Croydon (GB)
    - Portsmouth (GB)
    - Maidstone (GB)
5. New toll gates positions around Strasbourg (F) and Metz (F)
6. New Gas station for town - Credit to Nico (ProMods)
    - some towns have this gas station in town
7. New England Transport company EUROPA in game
8. New IKEA company - Credit to Nico (ProMods)
9. New Bauhaus company - Credit to Nico (ProMods)
10. some new Gas stations on highway in Germany
11. Ferry port connection from Portsmouth to Calais ( temporarily !!)
12. Better Economy data for game with realistic driving prices
13. More opportunities for the camera while driving¸
14. New look in some parts of Geneve (CH),with new roads,Bauhaus company
15. New gas station in centrum of Geneve
16. New gas station in Bern
17. New positions for Toll stations around Strasbourg (F) and Lille (F)
18. New city gas station in London
19. New company IKEA near London
20. New gas station in center of Paris
21. Old gas stations in Austria,Switzerland,some in France and Italy,England have new look,new models
22. Companies out of cities in Austria,Switzerland,France,Italy,England (some of them) have place for sleeping
23. New look - all cities + roads in Austria and Switzerland
24. Some Ferry docks have new position for "going in"
25. New gas station in Dover (GB) with some new look too
26. New gas station in Southampton in town, new roads,lamps and signs in town
27. New company IKEA and Europa are in Southapton
28. New gas station and parking place in center of Plymouth (GB)
29. Complete new city - Amiens (F)
30. New highway road A29
31. New look of A16 Paris - Calais (F)
32. New look of A25 and A23 from Calais to Lille (F)
33. New Toll station positions on highway A16, A25 and A23
34. Ring around Paris - in progress
The version 1.2 add:
1. Fixed some roads with 'jagged edges' on middle line on road
    - around Epinal (F)
    - around Metz (F)
    - around Strasbourg (F)
    - around Bolzano (I)
    - around Belluno (I)
    - around Sillian (I)
    - around Feldkirch (A)
    - around Unken (A)
    - around/in Salzburg (A)
    - around/in Linz (A)
    - around/in Wien(A)
    - around/in Portsmouth (GB)
    - around/in Maidstone (GB)
    - around/in Croydon (GB)
    - in London (GB)
    - around IKEA place, London (GB)
    - in Southampton (GB)
    - around Toll gates in north France (on A16 Paris - Calais - Lille)
    - around/in Amiens (F)
    - around/in Rotherdam (NL)
    - around/in Amsterdam (NL)
    - around/in Chur (CH)

2. Fixed enter in company on the hill in Epinal (F)
3. New highway around Paris (second part on west side)-A86 -somewhere 70 km new road
4. New France sign for highway (credit to Nishant Boro)
5. New gas station in center of Amsterdam (NL)
6. Improve gas station near Strasbourg (F)
7. New small country gas station between Salzburg (A) and Unken (A)
8. New company IKEA in Salzburg (A)
9. New road in Salzburg (A) to IKEA
10.New look on normal roads between Metz(F) and Frankfurt(D)
11.New look in/around Luxembourg(L)
12.New look on normal road Luxembourg(L)-Liege(B)
13.New company in game - E.Leclerc - all Credits to Nishant Boro for Prefab
14.New Toll gates positions in north France (on A16 Paris - Calais - Lille)
Author: MSHeavyAlex


MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.2 map for ETS 2

MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.2 map for ETS 2

MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.2 map for ETS 2


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MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.2  map for ETS 2

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