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Trucker Football Map v3.1 (Final Edition) for FS 2015
Credits: - powerpeter008, GMCW, Patar

Version 3.1 Final
Hud and Score Script div. Racing tracks and features added. Textures and lighting Adapted.

Update 3.0 Theme Park Map
Today 2 Additional updates to Theme Park Map (ehml. Trucker Soccer)
It was added that "" Trucker Street Race "" Road Adapted and partly borders.
The tires on the edge of the track have no collision! So watch ;-)
As another, there are 2 new routes
A Trucker Dirt Race Original truck Preferred !!!
and 24 Le Count Tour -Mod Grasshopper or Mod with fast cars
Very long distance !!!
Some of the textures Adapted and waterholes have been added
to the Map the final stage has reached the textures ers even stay that way.
"Because I do not need every new brushes"

Recommended Mods:
FS15_CrassHopperPack "raises a lot of mistakes in the log from"
Money_Cheat (be in the XML file must Multiplayer set to "true")
The errors / mistakes in the LOG / protocol only refer to missing textures and Partial
Script Error, provided one uses Garsshopper.
But no impact on the game!
Mods that I have installed are all from Modhoster!
Would anyone like to be called, which recognizes its Mod, then please contact me Log.
I want with this Map only demonstrating that you can also have fun times aside on the LS15
and not Unbdedingt for a new game needs.
Certainly, there are limits in the game, but I'm trying everything possible to implement.
Wish you have a lot of fun with the new version 3.0
Your Graf_d
Please existing Trucker Soccer Map before deleting.
The Map is now named Them park and is maintained.
This is followed by always updates to the map that she is constantly being expanded.
Suggestions, tips, etc. Please purely down ....
"There are still participating wanted" Please message to me if you are interested: Graf_d
Version 1 without Racetrack
Today I present you my 1st Map.
In largely ends purposes rather a FUN-MAP,
The map includes a stadium (Thanks to GMCW)
of my Stadion 1 tag has been created before his holiday.
Meanwhile, I have a little tweaking it in de GE and was of the stadium and effects and sound

Football comes from powerpeter008, Thanks for the idea.
Meaning and background is a tournament which takes place on Saturday the 09.12.2015 at 20.00 clock.
"There are still participating wanted" Please message to me if you are interested: Graf_d
On this map you can organizing a football tournament as desired with vehicles of your choice.
Trucks and loaders are especially good.

Trucker Football Map v3.1 (Final Edition) for FS 2015 Trucker Football Map v3.1 (Final Edition) for FS 2015 Trucker Football Map v3.1 (Final Edition) for FS 2015

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