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Poland Rebuilding Map v1.62 for ETS 2

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Poland Rebuilding Map v1.62 for ETS 2
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Description about Poland Rebuilding Map v1.62 for ETS 2:

Description: Mod ,,Poland Rebuilding Map v1.62" for ETS 2. - What is new:
Poland Rebuilding 1.62 for patch 1.9.22

Polish cities added by SCS:
1 Szczecin (Re-edit)
2 Wrocław
3 Poznań
4 Warszawa
5 Gdańsk
6 Białystok
7 Kraków
8 Katowice
9 Lublin
10 Łódź
11 Olsztyn

Polish cities added Poland Rebuilding:
12 Bydgoszcz
13 Gdynia
14 Suwałki
15 Nowogard (Re-edit)
16 Świnoujście
17 Piła (Re-edit)
18 Bielsko-Biała
19 Opole
20 Radom
21 Koszalin
22 Rzeszów
23 Przemyśl
24 Sanok
25 Krosno*

*Currently does not have a garage

To run the Poland Rebuilding map is absolutely necessary:
map promods 1.62
Requires installed DLC

Download three partial archive.
Unpack archive the program 7-Zip
(select only the first part - the whole unpack in automatically )

Tested on version 1.9.22

The correct order of files:
zzz Pol_Rebuild_def_1.62.scs
zzz Pol_Rebuild_map_1.62.scs
zzz Pol_Rebuild_1.62.scs

Convert map for patch 1.9.22 - _PMA
Thanks for helping _PMA, satan19990,Wilku


Please do not publish maps on other web sites

Found and already corrected bugs on the map: (update in next fix)
- No road display on the GPS to the new company "BUDOWA" in near Warsaw.
- The problem with the movement of the model 'speed bump' ( model black-yellow )

Authors: RadolSzczecin, _PMA, satan19990, Wilku
Installation: Copy the files from the archive into the folder My Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod \


Poland Rebuilding Map v1.62 for ETS 2

Poland Rebuilding Map v1.62 for ETS 2

Poland Rebuilding Map v1.62 for ETS 2


Screenshots Mod
Poland Rebuilding Map v1.62 for ETS 2

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