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Ford F150 Raptor SVT + Interior (Urban Version) v2.0 for ATS

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Ford F150 Raptor SVT + Interior (Urban Version) v2.0 for ATS
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Category - ATS Trucks
Version - v1.3.x

Description about Ford F150 Raptor SVT + Interior (Urban Version) v2.0 for ATS:

Info car: The SVT Raptor is a high-performance version of Ford's venerable F-150 pickup truck that is one of the most unique and capable off-road production vehicles ever made. With an extra-wide stance, specially-engineered suspension and oversized tires, the SVT Raptor (which is also available in Supercrew form) is unwieldy on the pavement but a superhero in the desert, where it can travel at nearly triple-digit speeds through terrain that would tear lesser trucks apart.


Info ATS: Mod converted from ETS2

Original authors made this mod for ETS2 so i make it compatible with ATS.

– Standalone
– Find at Kenworth Dealer
– Tuning parts
– Tested ATS v1.3.x

Version 2.0:
– Corrected physic
– Corrected weight
– Corrected tank size/consumption
– Corrected data
– Corrected mirror error
– Corrected tachometer indications
– Corrected winshield tint
– Corrected some prices
– Removed unnecessary files
– Reduced file size
– New Skins
– New Wheels
– New Tuning parts


Version 1.6:

* Fixed the date of glass now they appear drops of rain.
* No longer wipers purified windshield around the radius, but only along the length of the brushes



Urban Version:

The new version of the mod, which collected all the small, but significant changes: D
* Tweaked the sound of the engine and the rest of the other, until the patches directory tracks.
* Muted sound bug engine failure at the time when there is no gear shift.
* Changed the parameters of physics.
* Debugged vehicle suspension.
* Fixed weight avtomoibilya.
* Adjusted steering column.
* Tuned brake.
* Tuned engine performance (maximum speed of the car in the game 153 km \ h)
* The correct torque value (acceleration to 100 occurs in 7 to 8 seconds)
* Tweaked the animation tachometer in the cabin.
* Significantly gutted car tuning in favor ustroychivosti car on the road.
* Removed a lot of debris from the archive of games for maximum adaptation mode in the game.


Version 1.3:
* Complete new sound
* Removed unnecessary files
* Little corrections


Version 1.2:
* No need others mod
* Corrected some errors
* Corrected dashboard error
* Corrected camera interior

Thx for all modders, SCS forum and Solutech to make this mod real.



Screenshots Mod
Ford F150 Raptor SVT + Interior (Urban Version) v2.0 for ATS Ford F150 Raptor SVT + Interior (Urban Version) v2.0 for ATS Ford F150 Raptor SVT + Interior (Urban Version) v2.0 for ATS

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