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Iveco Clixtar Systam Pack v1.4 for FS 2015

Iveco Clixtar Systam Pack v1.4 for FS 2015

Category - FS 2015 Trucks

Version Game - 1.4.1, 1.4.2
Credits: - FSM-Team. Scripts: HoT online Team, Sven777b, Marhu, [FSM]Chefkoch, Blacky_BPG, Xentro

Iveco Clixtar Systam Pack v1.4 for Farming Simulator 15 game.

ChangeLog v1.4:
- Store Description supplemented by tank cover
supplemented Shop Description of Fliegl dump -
- Fans of the air conditioner of the livestock transporter now animated
- Warnings for nonexistent Filltypes in the Log removed for Fliegl, tank and Peeconaufbau
- Shop prices for Tank and animal carrier increased slightly

ChangeLog v1.3:
- Scheme overlays added (thanks to V8Bolle!)
- Added new pallets

ChangeLog v1.2:

- Replaced all support Coli

- Built-fruit varieties

- Built-fruit varieties
- Washable made!

Timber construction:
- Autoload function for timber installed (Optimum stem length 8 meters!)

- New Füchtepaletten added (beetPulpPallet, canspalettePallet, food3Pallet, compostPallet)
- Can now load 10 pallets
- Added loading Coli
- UAL script new fruit Compost inserted

Animal structure:
- Washable made!

- Added internal flashing warning light
revised front suspension -

changelog v1.1

- Spanish translation (Thanks to Juanma)
- Dutch translation (Thanks to Patjo)
changed indicator / menu -
- Work light for all Absetzauflieger

Clixtar Truck:
- Modified exhaust
- Number plate lights front away
- Tüv Siegel forward away
- Indoor Sound installed
- Passenger Script (for 2 passengers!)
integrated parking brake -
- Stop Sound processed
- Animated Cardan
- New skamler
- Animated / Brake Lever
built work light rear -

Wood Superstructure:
added Rundumleuchte -
Added lights to extension warning signs -

- Shifted unloading point behind

Skip structure:
amended Logo tailgate -

installed digital display for level -

- Changed overcharge point

The lack of hydraulic cylinders, we need you remain schludig because major changes must be made to do the basic models: S
On the subject of CP during overcharge structure, we have decided not to accept the changes.
Firstly, we do not use a CP, on the other hand would ensure all options are to be removed from the building.

Tested on game version 1.4.2

Screenshots Mod
Iveco Clixtar Systam Pack v1.4 for FS 2015 Iveco Clixtar Systam Pack v1.4 for FS 2015 Iveco Clixtar Systam Pack v1.4 for FS 2015

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