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Big Things v2.4 for No Man Sky

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Big Things v2.4 for No Man Sky
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Category - No Mans Sky
Version - No Mans Sky
Credits: - BruceCambel

Description about Big Things v2.4 for No Man Sky:

Big Things v2.4 for No Man Sky game.
Increased the size of the trees, some rocks and plants to make the landscapes feel a little more lively. It does create some great woodland to explore and other plantlife as I find it makes you want to get lost on the planet as some undiscovered locations are within dense trees or large plant life.

Please note that there maybe some major clipping issues with some objects and WILL take a little hit on FPS, so anyone with a beast machine will have no trouble running this but I don't unfortunately.


Size tweaking
Added optional mod "Sparse Environment". Spaces out trees and plants further to create a more unique environment.


Fixed an LOD for one of the cactus models
Removed 25% less probability (for now) as it caused a few issues
Added a 75% size and a 50% size version
All files are in one zip file now


Fixed an issue with a few rocks on barren planets not showing the correct LOD
Added a 25% less probability that a Radioactive, Scorched and Toxic planet will have those gigantic plants. (Extra searching for those huge things).


Fixed certain distant LOD's not rendering the leafs
Added a smaller version


This version has added/fixed distant LOD models to the larger objects, so SHOULD remove the pop-ins. As the limitations of the game engine, I cannot remove all until I find a way to increase view distance.

This has everything from version 1.2 such as larger crystals with a slight rotation also those huge plants have been re-added back in.

I will be making smaller versions and will upload when complete.


Added larger crystal's and added a slight rotation to try and reflect early NMS concept art.


This version I have decreased some of the giant plants as they pop-in way to much. Until I can fix this I have reduced the sizes, please note there is still pop-ins but not so severe.

Reduced some sizes
Tweaked certain trees
reduced the size of certain cactus
fixed a few floating trees


Unzip and drop the"_BigThings.pak", "_BigThings75.pak" or "_BigThings50.pak" into your PCBANKS dir and load it up. Choose only one.

Optional: Sparse Environment  75%, 50% and 25% versions - Choose only one.

*Sparse Environment not compatible with denser forests*

*PLEASE NOTE - I do NOT give permission to add this mod or any files included to be added to any mod packs.*
Screenshots Mod
Big Things v2.4 for No Man Sky Big Things v2.4 for No Man Sky Big Things v2.4 for No Man Sky

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