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Perfectly Procedural Prop Buildings v1.05 for No Man Sky

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Perfectly Procedural Prop Buildings v1.05 for No Man Sky
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Category - No Mans Sky
Version - No Mans Sky
Credits: - gtdcarthage

Description about Perfectly Procedural Prop Buildings v1.05 for No Man Sky:

Perfectly Procedural Prop Buildings v1.05 for No Man Sky game.

Perfectly Procedural Prop Buildings is a mod that re-introduces prop structures, crashed freighters as props, flag posts, and procedural ruins as seen in old pre-release screenshots.

The prop structures are the same ones seen here.

The freighters included in the mod are the same, procedural ones seen in space, not the static trailer prop seen here.

The flag posts are the same ones seen here and currently in the game only as part of vanilla ruins buildings.

The procedural ruins are the same ones seen here! Take note, it is clear the ruins currently in the game are definitely the final version - they are refined and look better, but they are NOT procedural nor that big!

Technical Details

The prop buildings are internally refered to as "LUNARPROC", this is basically a scene file containing procedurally generated buildings complete with models, textures, and even collisions that, for some reason, are not used even as props but still exist in the game directory.

The crashed freighters are a cloned copy of the original FREIGHTER_PROC files which have been edited to remove most of the lights, flares, lit windows, and other glowy bits that make it look like the freighter is still online.

The procedural ruins, from a scene called REFERENCETEST and clearly not aesthetically refined, are clearly the first version of ruins implemented. The current ruins in-game are a bit less dynamic than this one! LARGEFLAGs, which are only spawned as part of in-game ruins, now spawn freely on their own through out the landscape as well!

The resource containers is actually SMALLPROPS - a decorative scene file accompanying LUNARPROC, with functionality change to be something more sensible!


  • The completely procedural buildings we last saw on pre-release screenshots now spawn again as props!
    • They can be found on every planet, with at least two varieties and varying sizes!
  • The procedural freighters as seen in space now spawn crashed on the surface of planets!
    • This is NOT the same freighter as in this screenshot. The ones in the mod are random per planet!
  • The procedural prop ruins will have two variations exist per planet!
    • They're not the best-looking up close - it's clear it was abandoned for the current ruin feature in-game.
  • Random flagpoles, just like the one in the sandworm picture, is now in the mod!
  • Destructible resource pods now appear and will offer a premium stack of Iridium, Copper, or Nickel! Shoot them to gain their wealth!

Compatibility Issues

My mod uses the SPAWNDENSITYLIST and LEVELONEOBJECTS spawns, which means it will interfere with mods that alter it, such as some survival-themed mods, Better Worlds, possible Thicker Forests, etc. Mods that don't touch those like BigThings should be compatible.

However, all is not lost - it's possible to make my mod run with Better Worlds - just rename my mod such as it loads after Better Worlds, as the game loads PAK files alphanumerically! My mod should work to some degree, but without guarantee!

Known Issues

  • Prop buildings and freighters will continue to spawn in frequently odd angles and locations. There's no way around this for now.
  • Freighter containers and turrets can be destroyed with your multitool - and draw the ire of Sentinels. No way around this either but at least you can wreck the crashed thing more to make it look even more crashed!
  • Freighter collision and rendering is imperfect - be careful walking over it because you may fall and get stuck! There's also a Z-depth clipping issue that occurs on certain parts.
  • Some crashed freighter parts also still may have unintentional animations and glow effects - if you find any such, please report them to me and provide a screenshot too!

Possibly upcoming?!

  • Allow prop structures to spawn underwater!
  • Find more unused props to spawn into the game!
  • Add more particle effects to crashed freighters, such as smoke and sparks!
  • Modify and repaint some of the procedural ruin textures to look better!

v1.05 - Procedural Prop Ruins, Flags, and Resource Containers!

  • The procedural ruins found in some old now spawn in-game! The ruins here, particularly:'s_sky/images/SunsetBots.png
  • Large flag posts now appear - yes, the same ones as the one in the sandworm picture.
  • Resource containers carrying Iridium, Copper, or Nickel now appear at the same rate as signal scanners!
  •  Better compatibility with Better Worlds! Rename my mod such that it is loaded AFTER Better Worlds. (Please help me test this to be sure!)
    • My mod now uses its own spawn density configuration as well as some added lists to better conform to Better Worlds. Take note, however, this will mean PPPBuildings will actually entirely overwrite Plant Density and partially overwrite some things in Biomes! You shouldn't notice the difference, however!

-- Minor Fixes --

  • Some spawning profiles have been changed - props shall now be less likely to overlap each other!
  • Props in general are now far more spread apart than in 1.04!
  • A reduced spawns version further reduces spawn coverage for props by 25% each!
  • Scaling is now more consistent for all objects - they dont't become larger the higher they are. (although nobody really noticed this, no?)

v1.04 - Fixes and Reduced Spawns Version now Available

  • Crashed freighters that use the double gantry cap piece should no longer have turrets or glowing parts.
  • Colors of prop buildings now match the ground, to look more consistent with planet colors!
  • Spawn chances for freighters have been reduced a bit.
  • A reduced spawns version altogether that makes both prop buildings and freighters much rarer is now available!
    • Default version:
      • Prop buildings spawn coverage: 6%
      • Crashed freighter spawn coverage: 3.75%
    • Reduced spawns version:
      • Prop buildings spawn coverage: 5%
      • Crashed freighter spawn coverage: 3.25%
    • Important note: even just small changes in decimal places in spawn coverage makes a HUGE difference!

Screenshots Mod
Perfectly Procedural Prop Buildings v1.05 for No Man Sky Perfectly Procedural Prop Buildings v1.05 for No Man Sky Perfectly Procedural Prop Buildings v1.05 for No Man Sky

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