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JailBreak Мod for server for CS:GO

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JailBreak Мod for server for CS:GO
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Description about JailBreak Мod for server for CS:GO:

Description: Mod ,,JailBreak Мod for server" for CS:GO. - That came recently JailBreak mod for cs: go. Honestly , I did not expect that it will go for CS:GO ...
Who played dzhail servers CS 1.6 , that no doubt what this game mode and how to act .
This server is unique in its kind. By YuZAV server does in the game , I found not one dzhail server , so if you install it on your cs: go this mod server , it is possible to get a good portion of the interested players who see this mod for the first time . Yet remember that the essence of the game fashion is : For terrorists, the main task is to escape from custody , for spetsnaz does this prevent escape attempt .
In fashion there is a set of any additional features and settings that you can use and your players . ( About the commands below)

So, for stable operation of this mod on the server cs: go will need:
SourceMod 1.4.0 +
SDK Hooks 2.0 +

[spoiler=Functions JailBreak fashion] 1. Enables terrorists who stayed late in the round to play the game with any living CT.
2 . Plugin monitors rebel terrorists , which can be seen by typing in chat ! Checkplayers
3 . Protection frikilov .
4 . Changes the description of the game in the browser on the CSS "Hosties / Jailbreak v2"
5 . Dropout microphone in the early rounds and after death.
6. Allows players to pass through each other (NoBlock).
7. Adds the server menu where players can read the rules .
8. Gives players weapons in the late rounds .
9. After winning one of the teams indicated Overlay in the late rounds .
All other functions can be seen in the file cfg/sourcemod/sm_hosties2.cfg
[spoiler=Commands for players and administrators]! lr - last request for terrorists. When there is 1 or 2 terrorists, you can choose a game and play it with a CT scan.
! rules - small menu where you can specify the server rules.
! checkplayers - List of rebel terrorists.
Teams for the administrator: (entered in chat)
! stoplr - Stops the current LR game. Admin command is available with the flag SLAY
[spoiler=List and description of game modes] Chicken fights - Players sit on the courts and not very far from each other, should try to climb on top of each other. Who it turns out is the winner.
Bouncers - Players are given 1 xn, and an unlimited number of flash drives. You just need to kill the enemy. Throwing Deagle - Here you need to throw deagles with any projection, as far as possible. Who is on, and won.
Hot Potato - Players throw deagles each other until after a certain time, and the player who would deagles through this time, lost.
[spoiler=Other information about mod]Jumping :
Jumping - The one who will make time for opredelennove largest number of jumps.
Long jump - No Description.
Playing with Fire - The one who at some point will be above his opponent.
Combat knife :
Standard - but everything is simple , players compete at loggerheads for the right to survive.
Drunken boxing - Players distorted screen, and gives the effect of intoxication.
Lunar boxing - Players are given the reduced gravity .
Speed ​​- Players are given the increased speed .
Narkostayl - No special changes from Standard , except multicolored floating figures.
From the third person - Players see their characters from the third person .
Clip on collar - No Description.
Battle without sight - Players are given one of four sniper guns.
Sight is disabled , you need to kill the enemy.
Race - T sets the start and finish , the first task of the players walk from start to finish .
Stone Paper Scissors - Classic game implemented in CSS.
Who loses , he dies .
Russian Roulette - Players in the frozen state , must shoot of diglyme in his opponent. Winner will be selected randomly.
Roulette - Players choose a place not too far away , but not too close.
And turns shooting at each other with a pistol until somebody does not die .
Riot - Rather not even a game . if T chose this option , then he is given a gun , depending on the health of the remaining CT and its task , just kill everyone .
Authors: Unknown
Installation:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\scripts"



JailBreak Мod for server for CS:GO

JailBreak Мod for server for CS:GO

JailBreak Мod for server for CS:GO


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JailBreak Мod for server for CS:GO

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