Call of Duty Mod for CS:GO

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Description about Call of Duty Mod for CS:GO:

Description: Mod ,,Call of Duty Mod" for CS:GO. - COD mod for csgo, present in the plugin selection function class player after choosing a player they will receive proper weapon under his class in the game.
This mod for Call of Duty CS: GO, is more appropriate when used in combination with a deathmatch mode (preferably the original, without installing third-party mods DM)
Also, you can add new classes, changing the source code codmod4csgo_1.0.sp, classes can be rebuilt and made ​​for themselves.
Mod was created for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but it can be used in CS:

Authors: rachid59200
Installation:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\scripts"


Call of Duty Mod for CS:GO


Screenshots Mod
Call of Duty Mod for CS:GO

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  1. vamvam
    10 November 2015 20:59
    0 | 0

    Why can´t i opened it? (

    After 15 days i can oprn it, and now i can´t opened it. WinRar say: No files to open.
    1. Zagruzka
      10 November 2015 21:27
      41 | 2 579
      Download and try again.