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TS SaveEditor Tool v 0.2.1 (alpha)

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TS SaveEditor Tool v 0.2.1 (alpha)
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Version - 1.35.x
Credits: - LIPtoH

Description about TS SaveEditor Tool v 0.2.1 (alpha):

TS SaveEditor Tool v0.2.1 (alpha) for Ats and Ets2 games 

This tool is in alpha state and can broke save file so be caution.
If you encounter problem (especially with ATS (because I don't have one)) 
please make a screenshot, leave a message and send me a save file (if it required).
Supported save file version 39, 41 (Tested on 1.33.x - 1.35.x) 

New Change log 0.2.1:
- SII_Decrypt changed from exe to dll to work with files in memory and minimize disk access
- Added ability to Add Custom paths
- Added ability to Edit Freight market jobs
- Added ability to Sell garages
- Added Garage manager menu to sort Drivers and Trucks
- Added support for latest ATS savefile version
- Created HowTo PDF and Video
- Numerous bug fixes

Change log
- Updated UI (720p compatibility)- Improved Profiles and Saves search

Change log
-Added 1.35 OB (need testing)-Fixed DB error
-Fixed localization errors
-Updated UI

Change log
- Fixed DB error
- Fixed localization errors

Change log 0.2.0:
- Fixed various errors
- Separeted DBs files (by Game and Profile)
- Reworked part of UI
- Added localization strings

This program created for editing game save files.

You can:
- add Custom paths for save files.
- edit Local and Steam save files
- edit player level and skill.
- edit saved colors for truck and trailer.
- edit company HQ and amount of money on account.
- visit cities and be able to grab cargo from discovered cities.
- repair and\or refuel your truck.
- share truck paint job.
- repair trailer.
- create custom jobs for Freight market.
- make basic edits to Cargo market.
- share GPS coordinates and paths that can be useful for Convoys.

Short term goals:
- finish sharing functions for truck parts.
- add editing and share functions for trailers.

Long term goals:
- add the ability to creat jobs for Cargo market (have couple ideas)
- get map data from game\game generated files.
- scan mods for data (trucks, cargo...)

This tool depends on:
- .NET Framework 4.6.1

Tested on:
- Windows 10 x64

Archive contains folders:
- img - folder with images from game (provided only for simplicity and can be acquired with Game Archive extractor)
lang - folder with files for translation
libs - folder with files needed for program to work
- gameref - folder with cache of standart game files

- en-US - English - Translated by LIPtoH (All)
- ru-RU - Русский - Translated by LIPtoH (All)
- es-ES - Spanish - Translated by tHernandez (UI)
- de-DE - German - Translated by RattleSnK (UI)
- pt-PT - Portuguese - Translated by The Rock (UI)
- zh-CN - Chinese (Simplified) - Translated by All Man Are Bros (UI, Cities and Countries)

Source code

Special thanks for support to:

If you like this program and want to support me to be able to test 
and implement features faster then you can do this via
Screenshots Mod
TS SaveEditor Tool v 0.2.1 (alpha) TS SaveEditor Tool v 0.2.1 (alpha) TS SaveEditor Tool v 0.2.1 (alpha)

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