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Diesel locomotive 2ТЭ10М-2018 v1.0 for TS 2018

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Description about Diesel locomotive 2ТЭ10М-2018 v1.0 for TS 2018:

Diesel locomotive 2ТЭ10М-2018 v1.0 for Train Simulator 2018 game.

We present to you a great additon Diesel locomotive 2ТЭ10М-2018 for TS 2018 game. The long-awaited locomotive from DedMozaj. The authors of the finalization and the envelope of the train have worked hard! Despite the fact that this is an alpha version, the quality of the mod is high. A lot of improvements, scripts and animation. Now the main diesel locomotive 2ТЭ10М-2018 in the original painting "New transportation company".


Sources of 3D models of the locomotive, taken from the forum Trainz UP,
The authors of the external model are -Rokky, DU_mont.
Author of the cabin -Razor.
Adaptation of 3D models, editing and new 3D models, adjustment, animation and pr -DedMozaj
Settings, adjustments, scripts, sounds, light, traction characteristics and other, routine, but very necessary work-radio-master
Help, in the skips, and the settings of traction characteristics -i2GR

How to set the fashion in the Train Simulator: for RailWorks add-ons are installed using the built-in Utilites Add-ons Manager, located in the root folder of the game.
Press the large Install button (SET) which is to the right, and specify a location or rpk rwp-archive.
If the file is not packed in such a file, then copy the Assets folder to the root of the game and confirm the replacement.


Tested on game version v60.4c

Screenshots Mod
Diesel locomotive 2ТЭ10М-2018 v1.0 for TS 2018 Diesel locomotive 2ТЭ10М-2018 v1.0 for TS 2018

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