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Dacia 1310 v1.0 for GTA 5

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Dacia 1310 v1.0 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V cars

Version Game - v.1180.1
Credits: - Alexander Blade, Mahesh Dahampath

Download mod passenger romanian car Dacia 1310 v1.0 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

Features car Dacia 1310: 
- High-quality detailed exterior
- High-quality detailed interior
- High-quality 3D model
- working lights
- exterior and wheels get dirty
- exterior scratches
- high quality textures wheel tires
- the tires of the wheels are pierced
- correct display rim after breaking tire
- animated suspension
- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
- working arrow speedometer and tachometer
- the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat
- the character's hands grasping the steering wheel
- away model looks like near
- correct display of textures on models after the explosion
- Full body dirt
- Correct car proportions
- detailed model

1.“ScripthookV” -
2. “OpenIV” - 

Install the mod: 
1.    Install “ScripthookV & “OpenIV”.
2.    Extract “DACIA” rar/zip file.
3.    Go to “OpenIV” and Enable “edit mode”.
4.    Install all “ASI Managers” and that will make a “mods” folder in your “GTA 5” folder. If you already have a “mods” folder skip this step.
5.    Minimize “OpenIV” and go to “GTA 5” folder via “My computer/This PC”. Copy “x64w” RPF to “mods” folder.
6.    In “OpenIV”, go to “mods\x64w.rpf\dlcpacks\mphipster\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\mphipstervehicles.rpf\ and drag and drop all files in “DACIA>>MOD FILES” folder
Tested in game version v.1180.1
Screenshots Mod
Dacia 1310 v1.0 for GTA 5 Dacia 1310 v1.0 for GTA 5 Dacia 1310 v1.0 for GTA 5

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