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ProMods Map v2.32 (1.33.x) for ETS2

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ProMods Map v2.32 (1.33.x) for ETS2
Category - ETS 2 maps
Version game - 1.33.x
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ProMods Map v2.32 (1.33.x) for ETS2
ProMods Map v2.32 + Special Transport DLC (1.33.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

A great addition added to the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 is ProMods Map v2.27 + Special Transport DLC for 1.33.x game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category Maps for Euro Truck Simulator or go to the main section ETS 2 mods. 

The long wait is finally over, the next mega update from us is here! With 65 new cities and 3 new countries this is another huge release and it will bring you hundreds of hours of game time. In this version you will notice a lot of changes during your jobs all across Europe, because not only did we expand the map on its frontiers, we also added and enhanced cities and landscapes in many other places.

We added three new countries for you to visit: Croatia, Serbia and Ireland. Of course with their very own look and atmosphere – including their own police cars. And if you love going north, take a sightseeing trip all the way up to North Cape!

We also prepared the map to be compatible with the upcoming Italy DLC by SCS. By removing the colliding parts of our version of Italy, you can use this ProMods version with and without the Italy DLC. If you own garages in Genova, Parma, Vicenza, Modena, Bologna, Firenze and Livorno, please sell them before updating ProMods to avoid crashing your profile. Trieste will still be included in this version.
For this release we had to manually replace over 4000 traffic signs as some new traffic rules were implemented. Each country should now have the highway traffic rule signs for the highways (if any), and the standard traffic rule version for other roads of each country.

But we also improved some parts of the map in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and also rebuilt Scottish motorways like the A90. In exchange for the removed parts in Italy, we added new cities Drammen (NO), Lacq (FR), Orléans (FR) and Ullapool (UK). The cities Reims (FR) and Aberdeen (UK) have been rebuilt for this version.
This is a full map release. So after updating the files in your mod folder, ensure to delete our previous ProMods map files. The Italy DLC is compatible but not required.

Update version:
The Special Transport DLC by SCS Software requires some new route information in the map files. Starting with ProMods 2.26 we will be adding support for this DLC.
The special routes that we are enabling in ProMods 2.26 are:
  • Reims (FR) – Strasbourg (FR)
  • Nantes (FR) – Civaux (FR)
  • Birmingham (UK) – Sheffield (UK)
  • Stavanger (NO) – Oslo (NO)
We are planning to add more routes in future versions as well. Keep in mind, the Special Transport DLC is completely optional, so don’t worry if you don’t have it yet!
As with every release, we are fixing several bugs found in the previous version. And in addition, we also tweaked a few roads and cities. The Italy DLC is still optional for using ProMods, but will become a requirement for our 2.30 version.
Reminder: This is a full map release. After installing this version, make sure to delete your previous ProMods version. To reiterate, the Special Transport and Italia DLCs are compatible but not required.

Changes in v2.32:
SCS Software has recently released update 1.33 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We are proud to provide you with our compatibility updates for the ProMods map and both add-ons nearly at the same time. Do not expect any new content in these updates. However, we have included several language translations for city and cargo names, a new feature introduced in ETS2 1.33.
Please note that ProMods 2.32 is not officially compatible with the “Beyond the Baltic Sea” DLC. If you have the DLC, you can still run ProMods 2.32 but you would only be able to access the ProMods Baltic region rather than the DLC version. A future update to ProMods will require the DLC and allows you to explore SCS’s version of the Baltic region.

Changes in v2.30:
            Bulgaria: Монтана (Montana), Плевен (Pleven), Видин (Vidin)
            Croatia: Senj, Šibenik, Split, Zadar
            Cyprus: Λάρνακα (Larnaca), Λεμεσός (Limmasol), Λευκωσία (Nicosia), Πάφος (Paphos)
            Denmark: Rebuilt: Padborg
            France: Rebuilt: Lyon
            Greece: Ηγουμενίτσα (Igoumenitsa, port), Ιωάννινα (Ioannina), Πτολεμαΐδα (Ptolemaida), Θεσσαλονίκη (Thessaloniki)
            Italy: A4 Torino-Milano, A8-A9, Como (border). Rebuilt: Milano
            Lithuania: Šiauliai, Ukmergė
            Macedonia: Битола (Bitola), Скопје (Skopje), Охрид (Ohrid)
            Netherlands: Moerdijk. Rebuilt: Rotterdam
            Norway: Grumantbyen, Hammerfest. Improved: Longyearbyen
            Poland: Ełk. Rebuilt: Suwałki
            Serbia: Београд (Beograd), Крагујевац (Kragujevac), Ниш (Niš)
            Spain: Jaca, Pamplona, Soria, Teruel, Valencia, Vinaròs, Zaragoza
            Sweden: Kalix, Skellefteå, Ystad
            Switzerland: Rebuilt: Bern
            UK (England): Rebuilt: Croydon, London & M25
            UK (Wales): Aberystwyth, Porthmadog
            General: Many bug fixes and tweaks versus 2.27

Changes in v2.27:
- Critical bug fixes and tweaks versus 2.26
- adapted to 1.31.x game version

Promods Map new release v2.26:

Same as v2.20 plus:

Imagine similară -Drammen
Drapelul Franței - Lacq, Improved: Orléans, Reims
Drapelul Regatului Unit -Ullapool. Rebuilt: Aberdeen, A90
Drapelul Italiei-DLC Italia connections
Drapelul Cehiei -Improved motorway network and signage
Drapelul Slovaciei -Improved motorway network and signage
- adds 4 routes for the Special Transport DLC.


  • Austria: Reutte, Hainburg a.d.Donau, Obsteig. Rebuilt: Wien (Vienna)
  • Croatia: Osijek, Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Zagreb
  • Denmark: Rønne (Bornholm island)
  • Finland: Mariehamn (Åland island)
  • Finland: Ivalo, Kokkola, Sodankylä, Utsjoki
  • France: Rebuilt: Calais, Updated: Bayonne, Pau
  • Germany: Bonn, Koblenz, Mainz, Sangerhausen, Uelzen, Wiesbaden
  • Hungary: Győr
  • Iceland: Vestmannaeyjar. Rebuilt: Höfn, Selfoss
  • Ireland: Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Wexford
  • Italy: Trieste and connections to Slovenia
  • Latvia: Daugavpils
  • Lithuania: Tauragė
  • Norway: Dombås, Hamar, Lillehammer, Oppdal, Orkanger, Otta, Trondheim: the important E6 and E14 to Sweden
  • Norway: Honningsvåg,, Tana Bru: The road to the North Cape!
  • Poland: Augustów, Elbląg, Ostrów Mazowiecka
  • Russia: Черняховск (Chernyakhovsk), Калининград (Kaliningrad), Кандалакша (Kandalaksha), Верхнетуломский (Verkhnetulomsky)
  • Serbia: Нови Сад (Novi Sad), Суботица (Subotica), Зрењанин (Zrenjanin)
  • Spain: Huesca, Lleida and further connections to France
  • Sweden: Östersund, Åre and the full E14
  • UK (England): Canterbury, Folkestone. Rebuilt: Dover and the full Channel Tunnel terminal
  • UK (Wales): Fishguard (port), Holyhead (port)
  • UK (Scotland): Cairnryan (port), Dumfries, Fraserburgh, Perth, Stranraer
  • UK (Northern Ireland): Belfast, Larne (port), Lisburn, Derry/Londonderry
  • General: Many bug fixes and tweaks versus 2.18


  • General: Police cars added for Croatia, Serbia and Ireland


  • Fixed the company sorting in the job list for every company.


  • Enabled Doubles in Germany, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands.
  • Restored the Norbert Dentressangle, Deret and Metro trailer skins we used to have.
  • Added Rimi, Mazet, Biedronka, XXXLutz, Lidl, Maxima and Tesco trailer looks.
  • Fixed SCS’ missing Gallia Ferries trailer skin by adding one.
  • Fixed Capitaine Cook, Deret, GHB, Metro, Norbert Dentressangle, Orlen, Scania, Ikea and Volvo trailer skin transparency (They no longer look like it’s been raining bleach).
  • Effectively removes both of PR’s trailers because their implementation was outdated.
  • Adds all of the company-specific trailers to traffic.
  • Adds all of the company-specific skins to the appropriate Schwarzmüller trailers (Requires Schwarzmüller DLC to work).
  • ETS2 1.31
  • Going East! DLC
  • Scandinavia DLC
  • Vive la France ! DLC
Supported DLC:
  • Italia DLC
  • Special Transport DLC

Tested on 1.33.x game version. 
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ProMods Map v2.32 (1.33.x) for ETS2 ProMods Map v2.32 (1.33.x) for ETS2 ProMods Map v2.32 (1.33.x) for ETS2

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    a waste of my time and download money. Streets are way too small and tight, too many stupid signs, speeds are wrong, old tolls that dont open! Are you kidding or something???? Trying to get to Barcelona from Toulouse is sad and funny... This "mod" is typical of a generation that has forgotten quality. Seems to be the product of some kid who doesnt even drive what he thinks he has so "wonderfully" created. a heavy-ass waste of time, full of bugs according to Console!
  2. sulev
    № 1
    4 June 2019 18:53
    hyvä kesä kakille
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