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Trailer 5.5M Gear for Ets2 [1.34.X]

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Trailer 5.5M Gear for Ets2 [1.34.X]
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Category - ETS 2 trailers
Version - 1.34.x
Credits: - SASq

Description about Trailer 5.5M Gear for Ets2 [1.34.X]:

Trailer 5.5M Gear for Ets2 1.34.x game version

- Trailer is standalone.
- Normal cargo jobs.

Mass: 37850kg (almost 38t).

Big gear
Diameter: 5.5m (radius 2.75m).
Mass: 25t.

Small gear
Diameter: 2.7m (radius 1.35m).
Mass: 12t.

Trailer CANT use the Ferry and some low roof gas stations!
The collision box is set to 5.5m height ... for that reason drive with caution and keep under your eyes a lower objects

NOTE1: Maybe you need to rest several times
before you can see the "5.5m Gear" in jobs list.
NOTE2: You can find the trailer in game trailers reviews:
section: "Semi Lowloader with Drop Deck"
cargo: "5.5m Gear"

Screenshots Mod
Trailer 5.5M Gear for Ets2 [1.34.X]

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