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fiber_smart_recordTruck KrAZ 255-Update [1.37.x-1.38.x] for Ets2

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Truck KrAZ 255-Update [1.37.x-1.38.x] for Ets2

Category - ETS 2 trucks

Version Game - 1.37.x,1.38.x
Credits: - koral, cepkoc, _69_mf_, kv0

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Truck KrAZ 255 for Ets2 1.35.x game version 
(Update 03.09.19)

- The truck is standalone, does not replace anything. Sold at the Volvo truck dealer.
- A conventional 6x6 chassis and rigid chassis.
- An accessories in the cab and external tuning, own wheels, sounds.
- Engines with tuned torque curves.
- Several types of standard and high-speed transmissions.
- Spiral trailer cables.
- Support for new SCS physical correct mirrors.
- Localization for 10 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Macedonian, Serbian, Polish.

Although technically support for Advanced trailer coupling simulation is available, 
standard trailers did not coupling because of the very high truck height. 
So if you don't have mods with suitable high trailers, disable the Advanced trailer coupling simulation in the gameplay settings.

For the first 3 low-power engines there is available for choice the gearbox "YaMZ-236N + Transfer case",
which is only for MANUAL switching.
The automatic transmission in the game with it does not function properly.
The first 5 high range gears in this gearbox for normal conditions, followed by neutral and 5 low range gears for heavy duty.

Other gearboxes are working properly with automatic transmission.

New changes in the current version:
- Adapted for the new game versions (1.37-1.38)
- Updated sounds to the new Fmod format
- Animations there are no Windows, only the sound
– Buy in Volvo Dealer
– Standalone (not replace anything)
– Interior with DLC Cabin support
– Sounds Fmod
– Its wheels
– Tuning
– Clean log
– 1000 litre tank
– Engines with torque curves
– Standard and high-speed gearboxes
- Added KrAZ 258 tractor with 6x4 chassis and 320-508 road wheels.
- Reduced the diameter of the rear twin wheels for KrAZ 258 to normal size.
- For KrAZ 258 remade most external accessories, added its own spare.
- On KrAZ 255 maximum volume of cans with additional a keg-1,200 liters, on KrAZ 258 - 1,000 liters.
- KrAZ 255 now only with wheels heightened terrain.
- Chassis tractor KrAZ 255 shortened to realistic dimensions and it removed unnecessary parts from the chassis of the truck.
- Fixed track width of the wheels.
- Fixed the location of the rear springs.
- Reduced saddle.
- Fixed shadows.
- Fixed position of front panel accessories + added one slot.
- Added support for advanced hitching. With standard trailers from SCS does not work because of the very high height of the chassis.
- Added gearbox option "YAMZ-236N + transfer case", only for manual switching.
- Added a separate mod for compatibility with accessories Sisl's Mega Pack.
- Various minor improvements.

Tested in 1.37.x and 1.38.x game versions 

Truck KrAZ 255-Update [1.37.x-1.38.x] for Ets2 Truck KrAZ 255-Update [1.37.x-1.38.x] for Ets2 Truck KrAZ 255-Update [1.37.x-1.38.x] for Ets2

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