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fiber_smart_recordMercedes Sprinter 2019 v.beta 01

Tacsi68 29/03/20 272
Mercedes Sprinter 2019 v.beta 01

Category - ETS 2 trucks

Version Game - 1.36.x
Credits: - KacperKWC

Mercedes Sprinter 2019 v.Beta 01 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a trendsetter for full-size commercial vans. 
The standard used to be just putting a van body on a truck frame and calling it a day, 
but more and more, manufacturers are changing the design of their commercial vans 
to look more like the tall, space-efficient Sprinter. 

" The Sprinter is the total package—tough, powerful, efficient, and flexible. 
So it can handle any conditions your work day throws at it. "

Mod authors:
☆ KacperKWC (Main mod and updates)
☆ DamianSVW (Sound)
☆ Trzpro and Gökhan Demirhan (Interior)

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☆ Facebook: KacperKWC -

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Mercedes Sprinter 2019 v.beta 01

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