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MTL Trucks Improvements Pack v3.1 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V cars

Version Game - 1.47+
Credits: - w/

Download mod MTL Trucks Improvements Pack v3.1 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

MTL Trucks Improvements - pack of default trucks from the game with new improvements and changes for GTA 5 players.

Features MTL Trucks Improvements:
- improved default trucks from the game;
- new textures added.
- improved proportions, new interior, liveries, spawn colors, tuning parts;
- Added few car generators and scenario files;
- Improved vertex paint on all models - chrome should not be blindingly shiny anymore, was especially noticeable for VisualV/VisualVanilla users
- Improved textures and fixed few modeling issues with Packer sleeper interior, fixed gaps
- Improved panel gaps on all trucks
- Improved some liveries and optimized file structure
- Improved spawn colors of Pounder Flatbed
- Added optional versions of Flatbed and Wrecker with same wheels as on Pounder Flatbed
- Added new owner-operator style livery to Packer
- Added more details to large Packer bullbar
- Added options to remove rear fenders, roof fairing and visors
- Added back 'classic' rear view mirrors as modkit options
- Added underside crates and optional fourth axle to Pounder Flatbed
- Added basic liveries to Pounder Flatbed
- Added interior extras to all vehicles: cupholders and tablet displays to all trucks, different props to Packer
- Added antennas, linked to interior extras (TV and tablet), to Packer
- Added painted trim option to Packer
- Added lighting equipment to Flatbed
- Added extra brakelights to Wrecker, changed its taillights layout a bit
- Added few new and rearranged some existing extras on all trucks

Changes in v3.1:
- Interior textures' txdRelationships data was added to the dlc.rpf, no need to add it to the main game's vehicles.meta file now. => installation is a bit more simple now.
- DLS Compatibility file was temporarily taken down, needs an update.

Tested in game version v1.47+
MTL Trucks Improvements Pack v3.1 for GTA 5 MTL Trucks Improvements Pack v3.1 for GTA 5 MTL Trucks Improvements Pack v3.1 for GTA 5

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