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New Actros plastic parts and more

Author: Tacsi68 | Date: 25-03-2016, 09:40 | Views: 1 123 | Comments: 0
New Actros plastic parts and more
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Category - ETS 2 other mods
Version - 1.23.x
Credits: - davidzoli, Flemming V, Capital

Description about New Actros plastic parts and more:

This mod is a complete New Actros rework. Since 3.0 it offers interior modifications too.

Interior modding list:
Interior variant texture rework. Better wood color and bushed steel texture.
Chrome parking brake lever and buttons border in both interior
Realistic dashboard (buttons) color
Painted icons on turn indicator, wiper and retarder levers
Analog istruments ring color
Tachograph and AC display content, light
New Actros emblem on passenger's side
AC knobs markers and icons
Lighting icons near air vent
Bigger dashboard menu titles, smaller km/h on Speed page
No seat adjusment limits (based on Seat adjustment no limits v1.1)
Radio instead of GPS
Others may not in the list :smile_mini:

Exterior modding list:
Newly added plastic or painted variant for a lot of parts.
Tandem chassis
Halogen headlights
Orange variant for lights on the cabin top
Chrome addons for the grills
Accessory slots on the front
Red led slots on the back on the cabin
Slots for horns and beacons for all type of roof grills on all types of cabins
Removable top of rear fenders and painted variants for all chassis
Painted sunshields
Full decal support for the windshield and the door windows
(\vehicle\truck\mercedes_actros_2014\textures\; Draw on RGB, alpha white is visible)
Others may not in the list :smile_mini:

This mod replaces the original SCS Mercedes Actros interior model and interior animation.
Please request only realistic things (and attach picture or video).
Please don't request anchor points for interior accessories/mod packs
All feedback and bug report are welcome

Version 3.1.6 (2016.03.23)

! Fixed interior materials

Version 3.1.5 (2016.03.22)
- Licence plate for 4x2 chassis fix

Version 3.1.4 (2016.03.20)
- Interior fixes
- StreamSpace cabin beacon position fix

Version 3.1.2 (2016.03.18)
+ New spoiler variant for StreamSpace cabin (lifted top)
- Optimized truck model (Blender Tools conversion)
- Optimized EU interior model (Blender Tools conversion)
- Tweaked plastic material

Version 3.1.0 (2016.03.02)
- Illuminating star accessory
- Tweaked chrome material for accessories
- Turbo pressure to dashboard
- New sideskirt variants
! Fixed spoilers. They are removable again
! Texture optimization for less mod size

Truck based on truck from game version: 1.22.x

Interior credits:
Idea, testing, support: GlenniBoy
Tweaking: davidzoli
Others: SCS Software (original models), SweetSoulSister (Steel texture, DeviantArt)

Exterior credits:
Mod authors: davidzoli, Flemming V and Capital (tandem chassis)
Screenshots Mod
New Actros plastic parts and more New Actros plastic parts and more New Actros plastic parts and more

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