Improved company trucks 1.7

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Improved company trucks 1.7
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Category - ETS 2 other mods
Version Game - 1.25.x
Credits: - AlexeyP, Alang7, Snoman

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Improved company trucks ver.1.7 for Ets2 1.25.x game version

New Version 1.7(29.09.16)
- corrected definition files for all trucks to fully support ETS2 ver. 1.25;
- fixed some errors in traffic definition file;
- added two new skins for DAF XF 105 company trucks;
- improved loading pictures.


- 1200 variants of trucks (rhd and lhd) for quick jobs to select from;
- Every quick job truck now has its own technical condition;
- Almost all possible variants of chassis, cabins, interiors, now used in quick job trucks. More than 90% of default engines are represented;
- Mercedes Actros `14, Volvo FH16 2009\2012 and Iveco Stralis\HiWay now use new engines from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod. Also, all quick job trucks use real gearbox data from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod (mod is integrated);
- Trucks differ by installed accessories: front and bottom grills, wheels, sunshields, headlights, mirrors, doorhandles, sideskirts and doorsteps;
- Correct badges, based on engine\chassis type;
- Reworked truck paint system: trucks will use SCS standard/metallic paint and custom skins for real logistic companies: A.K. Worthington, CEVA, Freya, Fiege, Kuehne Nagel, Norbert Detressangle, Panalpina, Schenker, Sovtransavto, Dachser, Emons Group, Logwin Logistics, Fercam, Willi Betz and Raben;
- 110 new paint colors for ai\quick job trucks and ai cars;
- Some trucks now have working interior lights;
- All trucks without integrated GPS have TomTom navigators;
- New loading screens;
- Mod is compatible with all map, cargo, trailer, graphic, sound and physics mods;
- More realistic economy, harder gameplay and more slow player level progress;
- More traffic on roads and it is more agressive;
- Heavily reduced bloom.

Attention!!! Mod is tested with ETS2 ver. 1.25 and not tested on previous versions!

Changes in economy, gameplay etc (only for new ver.1.7)

Reduced four times max. loan and decreased other loans;
Decreased interest rates;
Increased amount of time to pay off a big loan (but not small loans)

2.5 times more traffic on roads;
Safety modifier decreased

Heavily decreased cost per mile value

Slightly more damage coef for both truck/trailer, but almost none damage is transferred from truck to trailer;
Added wear values for cabin/chassis/engine/wheels/transmission from my physics mod

Truck refund value increased two times;
Fuel discount for owned garage decreased three times;
Garage upgrade prices and prod. plan decreased;
Count of trucks to buy, to be able to buy a truck online increased two times;
Penalty for abandoned job is twelve times less;
Overall cargo damage cost to player is heavily increased;
Max overtime for deliveries is two times less;
Max. drive time decreased to 540 minutes;
One sleep now in 120 minutes long. Sleep three times for prolonged rest;
Delivery window decreased;
Hurry up music now plays much less time (30 mins of game time. Old 114);
No cargo at base probability increased from 10 to 20 percents;
Cargo validity (how much time individual cargo exists at a base) decreased;
Fuel, maintenance and insurance cost decreased five times;
Driver and ai driver revenue decreased five times;
Fixed salary per delivery is now equal 0. You an ai drivers only make money for travelled distance (per km);
Max cargo damage for cargo (for ai driver) increased;
AI Driver hire cost six times smaller;
AI Driver XP rate is now 1.0 (as a player) and not two times faster;
AI driver max level is now 150 (as a player), instead of 30;
Max travel distance decreased on low level profiles;
Max fuel economy per level heavily decreased;
Decreased bonus coefs for such skills as: long distance, valuable cargo, fragile cargo, urgent cargo;
Bonus reward per level decreased a bit;
Experince points for manual parking now four times more, but bonus for free roam decreased ten times;
Disabled XP penalty for cargo damage, you only suffer by money;
Three times more XP required to reach level 30.

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Improved company trucks 1.7

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