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Extreme realistic physics [1.27.X]

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Extreme realistic physics [1.27.X]
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Category - ETS 2 other mods
Version Game - 1.27
Credits: - Rockeropasiempre

Description about « Extreme realistic physics [1.27.X]: »

Mod of physics somewhat more extreme than usual. ATTENTION !! 2 DIFFERENT VERSIONS.
– As_Extreme_realist_physics_1.27.XX.scs (ONLY FOR DRIVING WITH 900 DEGREES)
– As_Extreme_realist_physics_VGT.1.27.XX.scs (ONLY TO DRIVE WITH KEYBOARD, GAMEPAD,
Do not use both at the same time. Place only 1 in the mods manager.
The mod directly affects the physical behavior of the truck and
Of the inner physical (driver).
It is configured to use it, (Steering wheel, Gamepad and Keyboard). CHOOSE THE RIGHT VERSION.
– 1 – As_Extreme_realist_physics_1.27.XX.scs (ONLY FOR DRIVING OF 900 DEGREES.)
– 2 – As_Extreme_realist_physics_VGT.1.27.XX.scs (ONLY TO DRIVE WITH KEYBOARD, GAMEPAD,
It affects very directly on the speed that is maintained. At more than 90 kilometers per hour,
It will become virtually impossible for us to dominate a closed curve, since the steering
It hardens considerably, as we increase the speed. (Watch video).
That is why you will have to predict the speed of entry to the curve as you approach.
Once inside if you go miles, nothing you can do, since the wheel will be like a stone.
For correct operation of the mod, make the necessary adjustments as shown in the video.
This way you will get a more real driving.
Screenshots Mod
Extreme realistic physics [1.27.X]

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    Hello my name is Rockeropasiempre, the author of many of the mods on your page. These mods have been stolen by tacsi68. How can I contact you to solve the matter ?. We are already doing it on other pages that have removed this person from his page and restore my original download links, not those of this thief who takes advantage of the work of other people.

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