SEASONS v1.3.1.0 for Fs17

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SEASONS v1.3.1.0 for Fs17
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Category - Other mods FS 17
Version - 1.5.x
Credits: - Realismus Modding

Description about SEASONS v1.3.1.0 for Fs17:

SEASONS v1.3.1.0 for Farming Simulator 17 game.

 This version is 100% compatible with save games created with earlier versions of Seasons.
To play Seasons 1.3 and higher you need at least version 1.5.3 of Farming Simulator 2017.

Calendar was inconsistent after reloading the game.
Compaction of chaff is still possible after driving in snow now.
Days until repair was not correct in the vehicle in-game screen after changing season length.
Fix possible MP sync issues (only showed up with a dedicated server)
Prevent multi materials nodes garbage collection.
Repair is now always possible even for old, used vehicles.
Skipping night now takes less long to finish when going through a transition.
Some equipment got very large upkeep costs.
Support straw harvest early placeables.
Tedder will turn grass to hay in wet crop conditions if crop moisture is turned off
Text color of germination temperature is now correct even with mouse-over.
Unit change of temperature now updates calendar correctly.
Weekday of the forecast now aligns with the finances page.
When having no animals, the health is not influenced anymore.

Growth now allows more complex GEO mods.
Improved reliability of Skip Night.
Improved texts and information.
No maintenance costs for equipment that has no dailyUpkeep.
No overtime pay in weekends.
Repair cost is capped at 10% of original price.
Vehicle GUI shows daily tax for vehicles and tax + repair for other equipment.
Vehicle upkeep in the game menu is now only red when maintenance is required.
You can now spread manure when soil is frozen.

Winter is coming ... also spring, summer and autumn.
The Seasons mod changes the basic path of Farming Simulator by introducing seasons 
and changing all aspects of the game: like weather, growth, vehicle maintenance and breeding.

Keyboard controls:
Alt + S: Menu Seasons (growth overview and settings)
Alt + P: Show / Hide weather forecast
Alt + R: Vehicle maintenance (to be performed when the vehicle parked in a 
workshop and is only possible if it is necessary to maintain)
Alt + N: Go night (available only after dark, before midnight)

Experience the trials and tribulations of a real life farmer worrying if you will get all
your crops planted on time before it gets too cold, or too dry, for them to germinate
and whether you will complete the harvest before the rainy days of autumn when crops will be wet.

Beautiful visuals to suit the seasons, such as the birth of life in spring, the richness of
colour of autumn and bare trees on a bleak winter’s day when you are clearing the snow,
or doing forestry, will help to fully immerse you in this new environment.
Screenshots Mod
SEASONS v1.3.1.0 for Fs17 SEASONS v1.3.1.0 for Fs17 SEASONS v1.3.1.0 for Fs17
Gameplay / Videos:

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