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TruckSim - Map 1.34 for Ets2

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TruckSim - Map 1.34 for Ets2
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Description about TruckSim - Map 1.34 for Ets2:

TruckSim - Map 1.34 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. 

To continue using TruckSim-Map (TSM), you need for version 1.34 and newer the DLC Going East!,
Scandinavia, Vive la France !, Italia and Beyond the Baltic Sea! 

New Changes in version 1.34:
-Adaptations for game version 1.34
-Some bugs fixed
-New city in France: Orléans
-New cities in Germany: Hoppegarten, Vogelsdorf

In order to play this map version, the game version 1.34.X is mandatory!
Older and newer game versions are not compatible.

The TruckSim-Map should have the lowest priority in the mod manager!

Install Help:
Before installation, you should finish or cancel your running delivery.

Then disable the old mod files, enable the new mod files and delete the old mod files from your mod folder.

Our mod is splitted in six parts.


These six parts are shown in the „game.log.txt“ as „1.34“.
Compared to prior versions there are changes in all six parts,
so you need to replace all of them!

Mods by the TruckSim-Map team are subject to the Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Further permissions can be requested from the TruckSim-Map team.

You are allowed to only download this mod from the officially offered links.

You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other file hosters.

You are allowed though to share the official links publicly. Please keep the original links. 
Screenshots Mod
TruckSim - Map 1.34 for Ets2

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