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Jump Mod - Bunnyhop v1.0 for CSGO

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Jump Mod - Bunnyhop v1.0 for CSGO
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Category - CSGO other
Version Game - CS:GO
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Download mod Jump Mod - Bunnyhop v1.0 for CSGO | Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

If you have your own Counter Strike: Global Offensive game server and want to please the players a little, then we present to your attention the old, but still up-to-date “Jump Mod - Bunnyhop” mod for CS: GO, which is installed in two accounts and has a whole series corrections in terms of errors and bugs.

To install the mod we need: 
1. SourceMod 1.5.2+ 
2. Spawn Tools 7 (for placing spawn on kz maps for csgo). The program will work from css

Commands for Jump Mod:
! help - open the help menu;
! menu - open the jumping menu;
! options - settings of the built-in plugin;
! checkpoint - create a key point;
! gocheck - teleport;
! prev,! unstuck,! stuck,! next - switch between the created key points and teleporters;
! start - teleport to the very beginning;
! stop - stop time;
! top - show player statistics;
! profile [optional: name] /! rank - show player statistics / show your statistics;
! goto - enable / disable teleportation to the player;
! usp - take the USP-Tactical pistol;
! pause - pause function on / off;
! showsettings - settings KZ mod;
! challenge - challenge the player;
! surrender - cancel a call;

Commands for Admin:
sm_kzadmin or chat! kzadmin - in-game configuration of plugin on / off commands and setting custom timer buttons
sm_resetallrecords - Resets all entries on the map
sm_resetjumpstats - Resets all jump statistics
sm_resetrecords - Resets all card entries for a given player with / without this card.
sm_resetljrecord - Resets the lj entry for this player
sm_resetbhoprecord - Resets a bhop entry for this player
sm_resetmultibhoprecord - Resets a multiplayer entry for this player
sm_resetdropbhoprecord - Resets drop bhop entries for this player
sm_resetwjrecord - Resets a wj entry for this player

Screenshots Mod
Jump Mod - Bunnyhop v1.0 for CSGO Jump Mod - Bunnyhop v1.0 for CSGO Jump Mod - Bunnyhop v1.0 for CSGO
Gameplay / Videos:

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