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Easy Mod Folder (EMF) v1.7 for GTA 5

Easy Mod Folder (EMF) v1.7 for GTA 5

Category - GTA V other mods

Version Game - v.1180.1
Credits: - CSYON

Download mod Easy Mod Folder (EMF) v1.7 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

This mod makes it easy to replace cars, weapons & peds (skins). You dont need to search for the patchdayX or x64X-folders anymore. Just put all your mod-cars into vehicles.rpf, weapons into weapons.rpf etc. Pls don't put META or other files into a rpf! Put only ytd, ydr & yft into the rpfs's! META files have a "meta" folder.

SOME META-LINES CAN CAUSE A CRASH, WHEN YOU SPAWN A CAR. I recommend to use the original META-paths. I will try to fix this issue. If you want to help me, you can try it yourself. Download a T20 replacer like this: Download Mclaren P1
If you add the vehicles.meta-lines, your game will crash when you spawn the T20. I hope i can find a fix for this soon.

RPF-files can be found here:
\mods (if you use mods folder)

META-files can be found here:
\mods (if you use mods folder)

Tuningparts are supported! You need to put them into "vehiclemods.rpf". DONT PUT THE RPF INSIDE THE "vehiclemods.rpf". You need the ytd, ydr or yft files.

If you have some addon-cars installed, you need to edit the content.xml or your game will crash. You can use my content.xml and add your addon lines to it, or just add my content.xml lines to your addon content.xml. If you only replace cars and content, you don't need to edit your content.xml.

There are some placeholders in vehicles.rpf,vehiclemods.rpf, weapons.rpf etc. You need files in these rpf's or your game will crash! So DON'T delete them, if you don't add or overwrite files! If you add some files into these rpf's, you can delete or overwrite the placeholders.
So you can ignore them. And don't delete any of the META files!

Don't reupload this mod!
-The folders are showing the path...

You need OpenIV to use this folder!
Download OpenIV

Make a backup if you are a noob at modding :D
V1.7 -small fix for readme and rpf files
V1.6 -fixed vehshare & added ped support
V1.5 -New EMF system
V1.4 -fixed meta-lines in content.xml
V1.3 -META files are supported
V1.2 -peds & pedprops are supported
V1.1 -vehiclemods are supported now

 Tested in game version v.1180.1
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Easy Mod Folder (EMF) v1.7 for GTA 5 Easy Mod Folder (EMF) v1.7 for GTA 5 Easy Mod Folder (EMF) v1.7 for GTA 5

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