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Ultimate Vehicle Sound Swap [+ OIV] 3.2

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Ultimate Vehicle Sound Swap [+ OIV] 3.2
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Credits: - chang63

Description about Ultimate Vehicle Sound Swap [+ OIV] 3.2:

This mod swaps multiple vehicle sounds to sound more visceral and realistic. 
Instructions is in the Readme, including some info about the changes. Check the video to a an idea of some of the changes made.Installation: 

1.View the Readme file for installation instructions. 

You need the OpenIV to edit the .rpf files 

*** Recommended mods: 
- My Simcade handling mod since it was co-developed with this sound mod, meaning that cars will drive the way they are intended to sound like. 

Read the Readme file for the changes made in latest version. Also, take a look at the "name of vehicles changed" for a break down of all vehicle sounds changed. 

***Future plans: 

I think it's pretty much complete for now and won't really change much unless either Rockstar releases more vehicles and/or you guys give me suggestions. 

V1.0 initial release 

V1.1 - change some SUV sounds (For update from 1.0 to 1.1, only need to replace vehicle.meta from main directory 

V1.2 - Changed Zentorno, Osiris, Elegy, Cheetah, Kuruma (If I remember correctly) sounds to be more appropriate. 

V1.3 - Changed Alpha and SuperD sound. 

V1.4 - Changed a few more sounds for like the EntityXF, the Bufffalo (2,3), the Surano, and other small tweaks to the original. Finally made the Sultan to have the boxer 4 sound from the new SultanRS. Changed the Kuruma back to regular because it's unfair that only the Sultan get's turbo flutter. Also added some beefier sounds (vanilla sounds way too muted for such badass looking vehicles) to the Nightshade, Stallion (1,2) and Tampa. 

V2.0 - A lot have changed since the previous update, please check the file named "name of vehicles changed.txt" for all changed vehicles. 

V3.0: A good amount of changes have been made from V2.0, so reinstalling is probably best, look at the readme for shortcut on installing. 

V3.1: Change of Futo and Tailgater sounds, so to update from previous version, just replace main vehicle.meta from either version. Also included is a vanilla compatible version by request and OIV package installation for both versions. 

V3.2: Change sound of bullet, osiris, t20 and tampa2, and also deleted the changes made to the italiGTB (1,2). See Readme and "name of vehicles changed" for further details. 

*** Credits to Cass for allowing me to make a compatible version to his mod. Install WoV first then follow the steps above for installing my mod, which will overwrite some of the vehicles.meta associated with WoV. 

***Also, the currently uploaded video only represent the first version, not version V2.0 or V3.1 since many changes were made (though some are still the same). Due to work, I haven't got the time to create another video, so I would greatly appreciate it if someone can make a video showcasing the changes. 

*To make sure you've installed everything correctly without leaving anything out, I'd recommend you replace all the vehicle.meta from each folder from either version by manually installing each corresponding vehicle.meta using the available tools from OpenIV (quite time consuming but does at least limit the possible case of errors). 

If you wish to modify your own pre-existing custom vehicle.meta, read the Readme for more information.
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Ultimate Vehicle Sound Swap [+ OIV] 3.2

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