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fiber_smart_recordMercedes Benz L/LS 1111 + Interior v1.3 (1.36.x) for ETS 2

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Mercedes Benz L/LS 1111 + Interior v1.3 (1.36.x) for ETS 2

Category - ETS 2 trucks

Version Game - 1.36.x
Credits: - Rotas Brasil team, Gabriel Borges, Henrique Miotto, Gustavo Siebel, brave_river

Download mod truck Mercedes Benz L/LS 1111 v1.3 (1.36.x) for ETS 2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

A great addition added to the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 is Truck Mercedes Benz L/LS 1111 for 1.36.x game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category Trucks for Euro Truck Simulator 2 or go to the main section ETS 2 mods.

Mercedes Benz L/LS 1111 - is a classic oldschool truck from 1963. In the game truck is fully autonomous and its model has a good quality. The interior is very unique as well.
This truck supports all the main game functions of 1.36 version: working cables, correct wipers, different and custom colors, different tuning modules, animations and so on.

Features mod truck Mercedes Benz L/LS 1111:
- independent truck model
- High quality 3D model
- High quality detailed exterior
- High quality detailed interior
- High quality rims & 3D tires
- High quality mirrors reflection
- Correct exhaust smoke position
- Correct plate license position 
- the model has own wheels
- the model has own sound
- the model has own interior
- animated suspension
- passanger seat
- the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat 
- the choice of engine power 
- the choice of transmission and gearbox 
- the choice of wheels configuration
- choice of color body / metallic paint
- correct position of the Mercedes logo 
- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer 
- Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals 
- working lights
- The correct position of the player 
- There are external tuning
- Cabin Accessories support
- Cables Trailer support
- Supports all major functions of the game
- buy in Mercedes dealer

Changes in v1.3:
– fixed cables
– fixed wiper length
– revised tuning:
a) new engines (110-212 hp)
b) new transmissions (5 and 10-speed)
c) fixed chassis (realistic weight and tank size)
d) more colors available
– added missing icons
– the truck appears in truck companies
– the truck appears in the truck gallery
– fixed speedometer animation
– fixed sounds
– other minor fixes

Tested on game version 1.36.x
Screenshots Mod
Mercedes Benz L/LS 1111 + Interior v1.3 (1.36.x) for ETS 2 Mercedes Benz L/LS 1111 + Interior v1.3 (1.36.x) for ETS 2 Mercedes Benz L/LS 1111 + Interior v1.3 (1.36.x) for ETS 2

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