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ETS2 Update 1.37 Official Released by SCS Software

ETS2 Update 1.37 Official Released by SCS Software

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Here is the official update 1.37.x for ETS 2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game provided by SCS Software.

After much testing, feedback, fixing, and fine-tuning, we are excited to announce the arrival of update 1.37 for Euro Truck Simulator 2! 
We'd like to thank every single one of you for all your help with your bug reports, opinions, and general feedback during the Open Beta. We hope you can now begin to fully enjoy the new features included within this update.  

Update  ETS2 1.37

The main feature included with this update is the implementation of our new sound engine FMOD; which radically redefines the way we mix vehicle and environment sounds. This update includes revisited sounds of trucks' engines, new sounds for most of the AIs (including trains), reverb sound effects in tunnels, new train crossings sounds, the inclusion of a true Doppler effect for passing vehicles and more. This also brings an array of new sound options for users accessed from the main menu, which allows you to tweak many more individual sounds to your liking.

To celebrate this new collaboration, we have released a very special ASUS ROG paint job for the Mercedes-Benz New Actros which is now available on the Steam Workshop for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Now you can truck in style with your ASUS RGB setup, and ASUS ROG paint job! Adds a little bit extra to the immersion, doesn't it?

Features ETS 2 Update 1.37:

  • 4 French cities reskinned (See here for more details) 
  • FMOD implementation with all existing sounds and few improvements
  • Openable windows on all trucks (featuring FMOD)
  • AI movement and sound behavior improved (featuring FMOD)
  • Walking camera in truck or trailer configuration screen (plus new garage scene)
  • Added technical inspection of vehicles on mandatory weigh stations (illegal trailer, damaged vehicle).
  • Added progressive speeding fines.
  • Updated hi-res loading screen pictures
  • Colour feedback support for ASUS ROG Strix (ASUS Aura Ready)
  • Eye-tracking pause key function fixed
  • Automatic eye-tracking pause while the game is paused/in UI
  • Settings hotkey visibility in UI
  • Ingame sounds completely reimplemented for FMOD
  • Engine power range data (instead of boost value)
  • Exhaust gas temp gauge animation
  • AI data tweak (engine power instead of torque and gearbox, vehicle_mass override for trailers)  

To enjoy the 1.37 update, make sure to OPT OUT of beta branches and your game will be automatically updated on Steam.

 For the legacy non-Steam edition of ETS2, the update should be ready in a few days.

 Some mods, however, may have not caught up yet - this update may effectively break them. So remember that you can always stay on 1.36 or an even older branch. The way to access and select them is: Steam client → LIBRARY → right-click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Betas tab → select the version you want.

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